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Your children, your home, and your time are your most treasured assets which is why we conduct confidential searches to place top talent assistants in homes and estates nationwide.

Our Placement Process

Needs Assessment

Fill out our questionnaire that will help us identify the perfect role and person for your unique needs. We create a job description based on findings and begin our search.

Audition Talent

We will screen applicants and identify top talent that will fit your needs. You will then interview our chosen talent and decide for yourself.

We bring the talent to you

With ongoing support offered by Staffing at Tiffanie’s, and enjoy a fulfilled life entrusting your children, home, and time to your talented household staff.

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Beverly Hills - The Guide

"I am so grateful for making our move manageable."

Christine Whelan Moyers - Author, Speaker, Professor

"Thanks to you we have a wonderful nanny that is an extension of our family!"

Jodi Larsen - Owner of Mode Transportation

"I can walk out the door with peace of mind!!"

Jennifer Hassrick - Professional Photographer

We take the time and frustration out of finding quality talent. Allow Staffing at Tiffanie’s to hand select A-list talent for your specific needs.

The A-List of Household Staffing

Afraid of getting stuck with a disaster?

Staffing at Tiffanie’s hand selects each and every talent assistant placed based on a proven assessment that uncovers the best personality and skill set for each of our clients specific needs.

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