The Director of Residences

Multiple properties require professional management in order to ensure excellence at all locations. The Director of Residences possesses the many skills required to oversee the multiple properties of discerning doctors, lawyers, CEOs, professional athletes, and other high-profile property owners.

What Is a Director of Residences?

The Director of Residences is essentially a liaison between a Principal and their various properties. This professional possesses all of the relevant knowledge, degrees, certifications, and skills that an Estate Manager does to a far more expansive degree.

An Estate Manager typically oversees everything to do with a single residence, whereas a Director of Residences is responsible for all of the duties and responsibilities associated with multiple properties, including overseeing the Estate Managers who may be in place at each residence.

What Does a Director of Residences Do?

Hire a Director of Residences

The many duties of a Director of Residences covers all types of property owned by a Principal, including family residences, corporate offices, ranches, or other forms of real estate.

Meticulous Property Management 

These professionals negotiate fair and favorable contracts with suppliers, building contractors, security firms, and others who will be completing work at a Principal’s properties. In addition to this, quality relationships must be created and nurtured to ensure the fruitful partnerships that keep all properties operating seamlessly and efficiently.

Detailed Recordkeeping and Efficient Communication

Each of the Principal’s properties will require detailed records to be kept to ensure accountability and transparency. Records of expense, invoices paid to various companies for work completed or items received, and minutes taken during meetings are just a few of many examples of the records that must be kept.

As the primary line of communication between the Principal and staff at each property, the Director of Residences must ensure that every request, inquiry, concern, or other communication receives a clear, prompt, and succinct response.

Precise Financial Management 

A vital part of this role is to ensure that the finances of each of a Principal’s properties is managed well so that all properties can operate seamlessly. Decisions must be made with regard to how financial resources are allocated to renovations, property investments, and all other expenses, and be well-informed to ensure expenditures remain within budget.

Every expense of each property receives regular review so that the highest percentage of the budget goes to necessary, and not frivolous, expenditures.

Estate and Human Resources Manager

As the estate’s manager, the Director of Residences must maintain the excellent condition of their Principal’s properties by ensuring all repairs, expansions, and maintenance are carried out according to schedule. This also applies to maintaining compliance with regulatory and legal requirements on federal, state, and local levels, as well as insurance coverage.

Human resource management will require this professional to hire and train all staff working at each property, as well as set goals and evaluate staff on performance. If the Principal is obtaining staff from a domestic staffing agency, the Director of Residences will be responsible for liaising with and managing this process.

Seamless Operation of Each Property

Each of a Principal’s properties will have different requirements that must be managed in addition to circumstances that unexpectedly arise. Therefore, an integral part of the role will be to ensure all of the instructions and feedback from the Principal are carried out and accomplished by all staff. 

They must also be able to efficiently manage any issues that may arise with the staff or sudden maintenance and repairs at each property so that daily operations can continue with minimal to no disruption.

What Kind of Qualifications Does a Director of Residences Need?

The many responsibilities of Directors of Residences require them to possess a wide range of qualifications, these may include:

  • University degree
  • Certification in property management, accounting, and administration
  • Real estate license
  • Previous hospitality industry experience as a General Manager or Area Director 
  • A background in complex construction management
  • Previous hotel or luxury property management experience

How to Hire a Director of Residences

The many skills, qualifications, and characteristics required to be a Director of Residences can make hiring this professional a challenging task at best. Consider what you require your professional to accomplish for you and what skills your ideal Director of Residences would possess.

Next, all of these desired qualifications need to be included in a job description and submitted to individuals able to discreetly source and send these candidates to you. Then, you will have to interview each candidate, perhaps more than once, before choosing the one who fits your household dynamics and property management requirements most closely.

Finally, your chosen candidate would need to pass all reference, background, and security checks to ensure their trustworthiness to manage all of your properties.

Why Choose Staffing at Tiffanie’s?

Directors of Residences are tasked with the efficient operation and budgeting of multiple properties. They know how to accomplish all of their duties with professionalism and discretion, and know how to maintain a luxurious environment that’s always ready for use by Principals and their families.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s draws from over 26 years of unparalleled experience as curators of top-tier professionals and as domestic employees. As a premier Director of Residences staffing agency, our goal is to always exceed your expectations with tailored solutions that meet your exclusive needs.

We accomplish this with our refined and meticulous process, which begins with an in-depth consultation. This consultation allows us to obtain important details about your household dynamics, preferences, and individual requirements. 

The information we obtain during the consultation informs our next step, which is to create a custom tailored job description for qualified candidates who meet your particular requirements.

We then leverage our exclusive network to source the most qualified candidates for hire. We rigorously vet the best candidates before hand-selecting those who are most perfectly aligned with your needs, and we send these to you for consideration and schedule all interviews.

Our private household staffing agency supports and guides you at every step to ensure you receive the perfect professional. Contact us today to initiate the hiring process.