Hire a Chauffeur or Personal Driver

Chauffeurs and Personal Drivers do much more than transport people from place to place. Experienced drivers have exceptional navigational and problem-solving skills and depending on their training and background, may also provide security and bodyguard services, make travel arrangements, run urgent errands, and more. 

Staffing at Tiffanies helps high-profile executives, celebrities, and families throughout the US find experienced Chauffeurs and Private Family Drivers. Choose from the roles below:

Executive Protection Agent

Celebrities and high-profile/high-net worth individuals need much more protection than the average citizen. Executive Protection Agents have advanced training in threat identification, counter surveillance, defensive driving, first aid, and more. They are proactive, constantly assessing risk and planning for threats and unforeseen events. They are typically trained to drive armored cars, and many have firearms training and concealed carry permits. 

Most Executive Protection Agents work part-time or full-time for a single individual/family, handling multiple responsibilities, which may include serving as a chauffeur, auto fleet manager, and personal bodyguard. Many also make travel arrangements and provide other important services. 

Private Drivers

Personal Drivers take over driving responsibilities for busy parents and executives. This frees up their time to make important phone calls, talk with clients, relax, or simply spend quality time with family members. Hiring a Personal Driver ensures you always have someone available at a moment’s notice. A Private Driver will get the kids to school on time, provide reliable transportation to and from appointments and/or  airport, and depending on your needs, run errands or perform light shopping.   

Executive Chauffeurs

Time is money for busy executives. Hours behind the wheel fighting traffic or searching for parking are better spent on pitching prospective clients or investors, preparing for industry events, or any of the myriad tasks on an executive’s daily agenda. Executive Chauffeurs are navigational experts who understand the importance of getting executives where they need to go—on time, without exception.

Celebrity Chauffeurs

When discretion is of the utmost importance, Celebrity Chauffeurs are the preferred choice. Celebrity Chauffeurs are security minded, extremely punctual, and prepared to handle unpredictable schedules. Their training extends well beyond driving luxury vehicles. Experienced Celebrity Chauffeurs know how to think on their feet and calmly manage tense or unexpected circumstances—from dealing with paparazzi to last-minute schedule changes.

Our Rigorous Screening Process

Each candidate is screened thoroughly to ensure they have the required skills, experience, and demeanor to exceed your expectations. We require excellent references from previous employers, and we perform thorough background checks on all candidates. This includes a full criminal background check, comprehensive driving record, social security trace and sex offender trace.    

We’ll guide you through the entire process of finding and hiring a Chauffeur or Personal Driver, from scheduling interviews, to negotiating the terms of employment, to finalizing the work agreement. We can also connect you with a payroll assistance provider, if needed. Ready to hire a Chauffeur or Personal Driver? Staffing at Tiffanies is ready to help. Contact our Chauffeur Agency today.

Hire a Personal Driver or Chauffeur