Hire a Baby Nurse / Newborn Care Specialist

A Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) is an experienced and nurturing individual proficient in all aspects of newborn baby care and parental support. Their primary role is to provide assistance during the post-delivery recovery period and assist you with all aspects of newborn care. These duties include but are not limited to feeding, lactation assistance, changing, bathing, infant laundry, sterilizing bottles, sleep training allowing parents to catch up on much-needed rest.

Specialists who work night shifts (6-12 hours per night based on family’s individual needs) typically stay in the baby’s room and manage their care while you get rest. When the baby wakes up, they will feed by bottle or bring the baby to Mom for nursing. After feeding, they will burp, change, soothe and settle the baby back to sleep. A daytime Newborn Care Specialist provides similar care and also strives to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for your baby during waking hours. Both day and night your infants patterns of sleeping, feeding and changing are logged through an app or a binder. The key objective is to help transition the baby to regular feeding and sleeping schedules.