Do you require individualized childcare in your home? Nannies give busy families a host of great benefits, but finding the perfect Nanny agency near you can be challenging. Let us support and guide you through every step of the process!

Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a Nanny agency with over two decades of experience in finding local Nanny professionals for every requirement. Our Nanny placement services find you the perfect:

  • After-school Nannies
  • Part-time Nanny
  • Night Nanny
  • Full-time Nannies
  • Live-in Nanny
  • Celebrity Nannies
  • High Profile Nannies
  • Live-out Nanny

A Thorough Process That Assures Safety and Discretion and Provides Nannies Who Match your Preferences 

Our “Nanny finder” process employs the utmost privacy and discretion. We are dedicated to ensuring that all Nanny candidates are thoroughly screened, certified and matched to your specific requirements.

Consultation and Personality Profile

In addition to matching your requirements, we also source ideal matches for the personality of your household and your child. We accomplish this during our initial consultation, where we discuss your needs and how our Nanny placement services can best meet them. 

You are provided with a comprehensive questionnaire to complete, which reveals more about what you’re looking for in a Nanny as well as your personality, work ethic, and parenting style. 

Job Description Creation and Submission

All of the information obtained from the initial consultation is used to create a detailed “Nanny needed” job description. We discreetly source the most talented and best-matched Nanny candidates.

Laser-Focused Matching

We review our top-tier Nanny list closely and carefully recommend our screened Nannies. During this phase of our process, we confirm education, experience, and references and gather more information about their personality and skills.

Hand-Selection of Candidates

We hand-select the top Nannies from our network. This ensures you only interview Nannies with the skills to match your personality and preferences.

Interviews and Selection

In the next step, we arrange interviews around your schedule. Once interviews are completed, the selection process begins.

Offer of Employment

After you’ve decided to hire a Nanny, Staffing at Tiffanie’s will draft an Offer of Employment Letter for your new household employee to review and sign. Your family will then enjoy the many benefits of having in-home Nanny services!

We Ensure Your Satisfaction

The benefits of our process do not end when our clients hire their Nannies. We provide a 4 month complimentary replacement to ensure that both you and your Nanny are satisfied with the placement.

Nannies help with learning and development by providing a safe, nurturing, caring, and stimulating environment for your child or children. Discover why Staffing at Tiffanie’s clients consider us to be the best Nanny agency; contact us online or call us at 866-484-5550 to find your Nanny.