Hire a Laundress

A Laundress is an individual who cares for all of the fabrics in a home. Individuals, professionals, and busy families who simply don’t have the time to clean or otherwise care for the household clothing, linens, and other items will benefit from the many services a Laundress provides.

What Laundresses Do

The Laundress’s title may seem pretty self-explanatory, but this professional performs many tasks. In addition to laundering and handwashing clothing, sheets, towels, and linens, the Laundress also possesses extensive knowledge about fabric types and their specific care requirements.

A Laundress also knows how to remove stains and alter, mend, and maintain virtually every type of fabric, and also possesses strong organizational skills.

Responsibilities of the Laundress

Hire a Laundress

A Professional Laundress’s duties are many and varied. The day-to-day responsibilities of a Laundress include the following.

  • Ironing, pressing, starching, steaming, and folding to remove unsightly wrinkles and ensure you always look your best.
  • Use of a mangle to wet finish some fabrics for an attractive sheen.
  • Creating and maintaining an inventory of a household’s or estate’s wardrobe, towels, and other linens.
  • Organization of garments according to season and travel.

This is not where the Laundress’s duties end; due to their organizational talents, a Laundress will also be able to manage several other tasks.

Proper Storage

A Laundress knows that the proper storage of clothing and linens can greatly extend their lifespan. You can rely on this professional to store your items in ways that protect them from fading and many other types of damage.

Dry Cleaning

Special care is required for certain items like formal wear. A Laundress can ensure that all items needing dry cleaning are sorted, sent, and collected on time.

Care of Investment Pieces

Designer and couture garments and accessories are investment pieces that require special care. A Laundress will ensure all pieces are cataloged and available for wearing and enjoyment whenever you wish.

Pre and Post Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, your Laundress can manage all of the laundering and packing of your clothing and accessories, as well as all of the unpacking upon your return.

Closet Organization

Busy families and individuals simply do not have the time to search for the items they need. A Laundress can turn any closet into an attractive, organized space for all of your pieces.

Additional Tasks

It’s common for Laundresses to help with other tasks around the household. For example, when other staff are incredibly busy, you can ask your Laundress to perform decluttering and other types of basic surface cleaning as well.

Benefits of Hiring a Laundress

A Laundress offers your household many benefits. This professional will save you hours of time that can be invested in family, work, or recreational pursuits.

New parents often hire a Laundress to manage the sudden volume of washing and other duties.

Busy executives hire Laundresses to ensure that the clothing items they need for important meetings and business travel are always available.

Those with antique, designer, or other high-level items can rest assured that a Laundress knows how to give them professional care.

Multiple property owners can benefit from a Laundress, who will ensure that all clothing and linens receive the proper treatment at each location.

Where to Find a Laundress for Your Home or Estate

As you can see, a Laundress’s duties are many and varied. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that the Laundress who will be working in your home or estate has the trained eye and experience necessary to perform the duties well.

You can search on your own for qualified Laundresses for hire near you, and then screen and interview each one. However, this process is very overwhelming.

Another option is to work with a Laundress agency. A Laundress agency will specialize in finding qualified Laundresses. Before you choose a Laundress agency to work with, you must ensure that they possess the experience needed to find the best professionals.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a Laundress agency with 26 years experience in placing part-time, full-time, and in-house Laundresses in the homes of individuals, families, and celebrities nationwide.

When you choose our Laundress agency, you’re choosing one that will guide you through every step of the process and match you with the perfect Laundress according to your needs, personality, and desired preferences.

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of a Laundress? Visit our Laundress agency or call (866) 484-5550.