Hire an Executive Assistant

As an experienced Executive Assistant Agency, Staffing at Tiffanie’s understands the importance of ensuring a perfect match. That is precisely why we focus on confirming experience, background, and skills to ensure your EA is perfectly aligned with your needs.

Whether you need a full-time, part-time, or live-in Executive Assistant, we can locate top-tier professionals.

What Do Executive Assistants Do?

EA’s work for single executives as well as senior executive groups to ensure that their business runs smoothly. These professionals act as gatekeepers for their employers, communicating with potential clients and other partners and businesses with professionalism and efficiency. 

Executive Assistants complete administrative tasks, schedule meetings and other appointments, manage calendars, oversee expenses, and more. What your EA will do for your company really depends on your unique requirements.

Types of Executive Assistants

Hire an Executive Assistant

Several types of EA’s can be found to assist celebrities, executives, and others with important tasks.  

The Private Executive Assistant provides assistance to an executive with tasks related to a business as well as personal errands and other private matters. 

Celebrity Executive Assistants organize a celebrity’s schedule and coordinate rehearsals and fittings, along with their appearances at parties, awards ceremonies, and press conferences. Celebrity Executive Assistants can also help with travel planning and manage home organization, pet care, and errands. 

The Domestic Executive Assistant works to make an executive’s life outside of office hours easier and more efficient by completing household and other duties such as moving support.

Household Executive Assistants can work remotely or from your family office to perform various administrative and management tasks related to the household such as paying bills, recording expenditures, and maintaining correspondence from schools and doctors.

What Can Executive Assistants Help With?

The EA role involves a range of responsibilities that help companies run more efficiently. These are just some of the many tasks that EAs typically complete:

  • Managing company expenses
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Management of Junior Assistants
  • Preparing reports 
  • Management of the company calendar
  • Preparing meeting materials
  • Managing email and phone communications
  • Booking travel and accommodations

How to Find the Right Executive Assistant for You

The best EA for you will be the one that possesses the necessary skills to optimize you and your company’s efficiency. Some of the important general skills for an EA to have include the ability to remain calm and professional in stressful situations, time management, communication, and the ability to complete administrative tasks.

Before hiring an Executive Assistant, it is important to ensure their qualifications and experience are confirmed. It is equally important to ensure there is a perfect fit between you and your EA, and that their goals are aligned with those of your company. 

Whether you have hired an Executive Assistant for your home or office in the past, or this may be your first experience, this is a time consuming process. Also, if the EA you hired is not the best fit for your company, you can cost you and your company money and momentum.

Hiring the right EA the first time is a process that requires an efficient, meticulous, and proven approach. This is just what our experienced Household and Executive Assistant Agency can offer you.

Save Precious Time and Resources with Our Expertise

We know that hiring even one employee can cost you resources and time. Our process was designed for the purpose of matching your company with an experienced and detail-oriented Assistant who is ready to bring efficiency to your company. 

We accomplish this with a Client Questionnaire and consultation, where we gather necessary information about your company objectives, values, and team members. We will create a custom tailored job description and leverage our exclusive network to find Executive Assistant Candidates with the qualifications you are looking for. We hand-select the best matches to present to you.

Throughout the process, we will support and guide you, answering any questions you may have.

We Serve Clients Nationwide

No matter which state your company is located in, Staffing at Tiffanie’s can help you find experienced and qualified Executive Assistants. Our efficient process can also be applied for locating top-tier  Executive Personal Assistants, Family Executive Assistants, and Executive Assistants for private households.

Find Your Perfect Professional

Whether you are seeking a company or a Personal Executive for private individuals, Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a premier agency that can provide an effective and timely solution. Begin your hiring process by completing our Client Questionnaire online.