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Are you seeking to hire a Personal Assistants in Las Vegas? Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a Las Vegas Personal Assistant Agency that connects busy CEO’s, lawyers, physicians, celebrities, sports figures and other professionals with top-tier talent. Personal Assistants are available to work in your home office or remotely.

Hire a Personal Assistant from Staffing at Tiffanie’s.

If you are not sure whether you need a PA the following questions can provide clarity. Working with a reputable Las Vegas Personal Assistant agency is the next step.

Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day?

Your day may be filled with so many phone calls, errands, and other tasks that you feel completely exhausted and overwhelmed. You may have also found that other obligations and commitments have taken a toll on your lifestyle. These are all signs that a Las Vegas Personal Assistant may be a good decision for you.

Do you often spend free time getting caught up on work?

Unfinished tasks, unanswered emails, and other business-related matters can come calling at the end of the work day, robbing you of free time that could be enjoyed with your friends and family. PA’s can assume these tasks, leaving you with the downtime you deserve.

Do you already employ other household staff?

Nannies and House Managers are both highly skilled at the management of your daily childcare and other household needs. Adding a PA from a Las Vegas Personal Assistant agency to your existing staff means adding planning and administrative skills, which will allow you to be that much more efficient.

Do you travel often?

Having to travel for work or pleasure can add more to your plate in the form of research, booking flights and accommodations, getting to events and meetings on time, and more. A Las Vegas Personal Assistant can support you by taking care of many details so that you can be fully focused during your time away.

What duties does a PA from Staffing at Tiffanie’s perform? 

Polished estate manager working on finances

Considering that they have so many responsibilities, perhaps a better question would be, “What can’t they do?” PA’s from a Las Vegas Personal Assistant agency truly are masters of organization, planning, research, record keeping, and so much more. They primarily manage those things to do with your life outside of working hours. These are just a few of the responsibilities that a Las Vegas Personal Assistant can perform:

  • Bill pay
  • Wardrobe management and closet organization
  • Overseeing household staff schedules
  • Pet(s) care
  • Screening emails, calls, and visitors
  • Event planning
  • Tracking household’s expenditures
  • Organization of emails and files
  • Recordkeeping
  • Ordering supplies
  • Personal shopping and errands
  • Travel management
  • Liaising between the family office and financial advisors
  • Meeting coordination and scheduling appointments

Skills that Las Vegas Personal Assistants Possess

PA’s are driven, motivated professionals who are self-starters and detail-oriented. They use their communication and interpersonal skills every day, and they can be counted on to complete all of their tasks. Personal Assistants thrive under pressure and are able to adapt to changes. They are tech-savvy and possess a strong work ethic and the ability to make decisions. 

How Are PA’s Different from Other Types of Household Staff?

Personal Assistant vs. Household Manager

A House Manager’s focus is to manage all things to do with the household, including any other staff who may be working there and their schedules. These professionals also possess the necessary certifications to conduct inspections and oversee the safety of vendors who repair and maintain the home.

Personal Assistant vs. Family Assistant

Family Assistants typically care for all of a household’s members. Their role involves completing a number of Personal Assistant, Nanny, and Household Manager tasks, as well as childcare.

Why Choose Staffing at Tiffanies?

Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a top Personal Assistant Agency in Las Vegas with over 26 years of experience in Personal Assistant placements. This allows our Executive and Personal Assistant Staffing Agency in Las Vegas to match PA’s with professionals. 

Our Las Vegas Personal Assistant Agency has placed a wide range of domestic staff in the homes of busy professionals, including Private Chef’s, Estate Managers, Director of Residences, Infant Care Specialists, Butlers, and Chauffeur’s to name a few. 

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A Personal Assistant is a highly skilled professional who can take care of numerous errands, tasks, and responsibilities. If you are ready to hire a Personal Assistant in Las Vegas, simply complete our client questionnaire. We will create your custom tailored job description and leverage our exclusive network to find Personal Assistants for hire in Las Vegas. We look forward to helping you find your perfect PA!