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  • Dear Prospective Client,

    To begin your Staffing at Tiffanie’s experience, please review and sign our Search Agreement/Fee Schedule and our Client Questionnaire.

    When you retain a Staffing at Tiffanie’s expert, you can expect personalized, concierge-level service. Here is an overview of our Four-Step Process.™

    Step 1: Customize the Role:

    Upon receipt of your completed client questionnaire (the below form) and the $500 search fee, we will contact you to discuss your preferences. The information that you provide will assist us in creating a customized job description for you.

    Step 2: Candidate Search:

    Next, we conduct an internal and external robust search to find the most qualified, experienced candidates. All prospects undergo a rigorous screening process. Prior to placement we will conduct a comprehensive background check. Your safety is our priority.

    Step 3: Interview Candidates:

    Once we have found viable candidates with the targeted skill sets and experience, we will schedule the interviews for you. We will also provide support and offer suggestions on how to clearly explain your needs and expectations during the interviews.

    Step 4: Hire Your Perfect Match:

    Once you have selected the perfect candidate, we will draft a detailed offer of employment letter, with the terms of employment, which include: start date, work schedule, compensation and benefits. We then present it to the candidate for signature.

    We look forward to assisting you with your household staff search.


    President and Founder



    Staffing for Private Households, Family Offices, Yachts and Jets across the US since 1998.

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