Household Staffing for Professional Athletes

The team concept is a way of life for a professional athlete, but it can be difficult to identify what is needed when it comes to hiring their own personal team of staff for their home. Here are some of the household staff roles to consider and the benefits of each.

Estate Manager

Many athletes have one or more properties, which all need upkeep. The Estate Manager is responsible for overseeing the properties, along with all staff who work for and within them. For example, if you have a property with vineyards or stables or a home that you open to visitors occasionally, you will certainly benefit from hiring this professional.


Athletes who are competing must devote all the time they can to training, which leaves little to no time to spend with their families. This is where a Housekeeper is a great addition to a home and lifestyle. Housekeepers take care of the cleaning of your home, and also accomplish a wide variety of other household tasks.


You may enjoy doing a lot of entertaining in the off-season. If this is the case, a Butler is a valuable domestic professional. From screening phone calls to your residence, greeting guests, suggesting wines, and learning about the preferences and special needs of your guests, the Butler is an expert at providing personalized experiences.

Private Chef

As a sports figure, a healthy diet is crucial. Hiring a Private Chef can ensure that you and your family always get the best nutrition with healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Private Chefs can also expand your horizons with new culinary experiences and cooking techniques.

Together, you can plan a menu that’s customized to your dietary needs, and your Chef will shop for the ingredients, prepare your meals, and clean up the kitchen afterward.


Busy professional athletes with children often hire a Nanny. This professional is a childcare expert, ensuring that all of the childrens’ needs are met. Nannies can care for children of all ages and perform many tasks.

Personal Assistant

Another key team member that many professional athletes hire is a Personal Assistant. This organizational expert offers many benefits for busy sports figures who must attend speaking engagements, appear in commercials or on talk shows, and arrange for travel. Personal Assistants organize all of your meetings, appearances, and correspondence so that your day flows smoothly.

Executive Personal Assistant

NFL, NBA, Nascar, Golf, and other sports figures often have one or several businesses to manage. The Executive Personal Assistant is one who knows your business and brand inside and out, making them the perfect person for this role. They help make your professional life easier and more productive by ensuring no time on your calendar is wasted.


Your busy schedule demands punctuality. When you need to get to meetings, games, appearances, and other events and appointments on time, the Chauffeur is the professional who can get you there. Chauffeurs are trained in efficient, safe, and timely transportation, as well as vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Their professional demeanor ensures that every trip is a pleasant one.

Private Security

As a professional athlete, you are always in the public eye, which can lead to the need for security. Private Security professionals can accompany you and your family to games, events, and other outings, and they can also work at your home(s). These individuals possess many skills, such as crowd screening and evasive driving maneuvers providing you and your family peace of mind.

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