Choose Our Domestic Staffing Agency in the Hamptons to Elevate Your Residence

Discover the unparalleled services provided by our esteemed Hamptons staffing agency. We source and select top-tier employees for those seeking  domestic staffing services in the Hamptons. 

Catering to the distinctive needs of discerning individuals, families and executives, we specialize in the curation of  top-quality professionals like Chauffeurs, Executive Personal Assistants, and Baby Nannies and meticulously match them to your unique requirements and lifestyle.

Tailored Solutions for Your Exclusive Needs

Our domestic staff agency draws from over 20 years of unparalleled experience to source and place a diverse range of domestic staff in Hamptons residences. Our discreet process has helped high-profile individuals find a qualified professional to work in their homes. Our extensive roster of of part-time, full-time, and live-in domestic staff in Hamptons residences includes:

Hire a Domestic Staffing Agency in the Hamptons

Hamptons residences and individuals looking to hire a Butler, Private Security. Driver, or other qualified household personnel contact our household staffing solutions in the Hamptons for individual and multiple staffing solutions 

A Refined Process Tailored to Perfection

Our meticulous process begins with an in-depth consultation to comprehensively understand your preferences, household dynamics, and individual requirements Armed with this insight, we craft your customized job description.  

Armed with this insight, we submit your description for a Laundress, Domestic Couple, or Nanny needed in the Hamptons to our exclusive network, who locate household staff for hire and send us their most highly qualified candidates. 

We discreetly source and rigorously vet the most qualified candidates, hand-selecting those candidates who are perfectly aligned with your needs and your Hamptons home and send them to you for consideration.

When you choose to work with our private staffing company, you will benefit from our support and guidance. We answer your questions and offer assistance with candidate interviews, crafting an Offer of Employment for chosen candidates and finalizing employment terms when your chosen candidate accepts your employment offer . 

Domestic Staffing Combinations for Discerning Hamptons Clients

Seeking specialized domestic professionals to help you manage your large estate, or ensure your multiple residences are in perfect working order? The comprehensive household staffing solutions provided by our Hamptons domestic staffing agency and nanny company encompass a wide spectrum of roles, ensuring we meet your distinctive requirements seamlessly.

Discretion and Privacy 

Celebrities, sports figures, and other high-net worth clients can be confident that our experienced Hamptons Nanny agency exercises discretion at every step. 

Our Hamptons domestic staffing agency protects all client information, including requests for nanny services and any other staff they require. Any information provided to us is always kept private and shared only with our trusted network.

In addition to our experience in locating top domestic help near you, our Hamptons Nanny agency also offers job placement services for top professionals seeking Hamptons employers who match their own requirements and lifestyles.

Contact us today if you are ready to hire staff for your home or work as professional help for our high-profile clientele.