Hire a Personal Assistant in Chicago, IL

Are you an individual with a busy schedule that is difficult to manage? Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a Chicago Personal Assistant Agency that connects busy individuals, celebrities, sports figures, and executives with full time or part time professionals.

Hiring a Personal Assistant

Contacting a Chicago Personal Assistant Agency is the right choice. The following considerations will make it easier to determine whether Personal Assistants for hire in Chicago are the right fit for your lifestyle.

Frequent Travel

Whether you are away from Chicago frequently for meetings, games, filming, or other obligations, a full-time Personal Assistant can manage all of the details that make your life easier, including travel arrangements and reservations, laundry and dry cleaning drop off/pick up, errands and organizing your schedule, to name a few.

Playing Catch Up

Making phone calls, responding to emails, and running errands on top of adhering to your busy schedule can make it feel like there are never enough hours in a day to get things done. When a Personal Assistant is there to take care of time-consuming tasks, you can be sure that nothing is forgotten as you enjoy more downtime.

Multiple Hats

Individuals that have a hard time delegating tasks can feel constantly overwhelmed. If you are feeling this way but find it difficult to ask someone for help, contacting a Chicago Personal Assistant Agency  is a good decision. Managing your needs is a Personal Assistant’s only job; allowing you to relax.

Quality Time

If you find yourself working well into the wee hours of the evening, this can be a sign that you would benefit from contacting a Chicago Personal Assistant Agency. Our skilled professionals are ready to take on any task so that you are free to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Other Domestic Staff

If a Nanny, Chauffeur, or other household staff currently work in your Chicago home, then you have already experienced their many benefits. A part-time Personal Assistant can add even more value, using their administrative skills to organize, plan, and manage your schedule while other Household Staff work on other important tasks at home.

What Do Personal Assistants Do?

Hire a Personal Assistant in Chicago, IL

Personal Assistants are skilled at completing a wide variety of tasks related to your personal life. Their responsibilities include:

  • Planning parties and other events
  • Personal shopping and errands
  • Managing appointments, meetings, emails, and phone calls
  • Tracking expenditures
  • Managing wardrobe and closet organization
  • Filing and organizing mail
  • Record-keeping
  • Bill pay
  • Screening calls and emails
  • Ordering supplies
  • Reservations and flight and transportation bookings
  • Event and travel itineraries
  • And much more!

Skills that Keep Chicago Personal Assistants in Demand

Personal Assistants are motivated professionals who thrive in fast-paced environments. They are also experts at interpersonal communication, effortlessly following up with inquiries or liaising with other household staff.

In addition to the above, Personal Assistants are skilled at decision-making, allowing these reliable self-starters, able to adapt as necessary, to any circumstances that may arise during the course of their day.

They also apply this legendary flexibility when traveling outside of Chicago, managing any imaginable change in schedule, weather, and countless other situations with friendliness and professionalism.

You can also expect your Personal Assistant to be tech-savvy, managing laptops, smartphones, chargers, and any other devices with ease.

Choose Staffing at Tiffanie’s for Personal Assistants in Chicago

Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a top Personal Assistant Agency in Chicago with 26 years of experience in helping busy individuals find a professional that matches their lifestyle, personality, and work ethic.

Our Chicago Personal Assistant Agency uses a refined and meticulous process to discreetly source top professionals for hire. We serve discerning individuals in Chicago and surrounding areas, including:

  • Gold Coast
  • Glencoe
  • Wilmette
  • Edison Park
  • Hinsdale
  • The Loop
  • Forest Glen
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lake Forest
  • Highland Park
  • Streeterville
  • River North

If you are a PA, our Executive Personal Assistant Staffing Agency in Chicago specializes in Personal Assistant placements in Chicago homes. Visit us to hire a Personal Assistant in Chicago, or join our roster of professionals at our website.