Find Skilled Household Staff in Buffalo, NY

Find Skilled Household Staff in Buffalo, NY

Executive Housekeepers, House Managers, and other Domestic Staff can be valuable assets for busy households that need extra help. If your household is seeking reliable help from a domestic professional, you’ll be happy to know that there is a top domestic staffing agency in Buffalo. 

Staffing at Tiffanie’s helps busy Buffalo families find part-time, live-in or full-time Nanny services, Personal and Private Chefs, Chauffeurs, and much more. Our domestic staffing services ensure that only the most highly qualified candidates are chosen for interviews with you.

How We Provide Household Staffing Solutions

Our private staffing company follows a specific yet simple process to help Buffalo households find a domestic professional for their requirements.

Client Consultation

We begin with a client consultation, during which you complete a comprehensive questionnaire. The questionnaire provides a detailed picture of the kind of help you’re looking for. We listen to your needs and expectations, and only after we’ve gained a full and complete understanding do we continue with our job placement services.

Ad Placement and Selection

We use your questionnaire answers to craft an ad which is sent to our numerous connections. Our 20-plus years of experience ensures we select only the most highly skilled and closely matched individuals to send to you for review.

We help you schedule interviews and provide guidance and support as you consider and select the perfect Virtual Assistant, Baby Nanny, Estate Manager, Executive Personal Assistant or other professional for your home.

Our domestic staffing agency in Buffalo will then send your selected candidate an offer of employment. When the offer is accepted, we help finalize employment terms and will conduct regular follow-ups to ensure your satisfaction.

We Only Work With the Best

With our nanny company, clients can know they’ll always get only the highest quality professionals. This is why an increasing number of individuals and families choose our Buffalo domestic staffing agency. These are just a few of the top professionals you’ll find with us:

  • Night Nanny
  • Celebrity Nanny
  • Personal Assistant
  • Celebrity Personal Assistant
  • Executive Personal Assistant

In addition to the above, Buffalo families also contact our domestic staffing agency when they need to hire a Butler or Executive Protection Agent. 

Start Searching for Skilled Help for Hire Near You 

It is possible to find someone on your own. However, this time-consuming process can demand considerable personal resources which your busy family simply may not possess. Thankfully, with our domestic staff agency, you always have the assistance you need. 

Whether you’re an executive or a family, our Buffalo nanny agency can help you hire a professional that is the ideal match for your needs and personality. We work around your schedule to ensure you have all the time you need to select the right individual for your specific requirements.

When you’re ready to locate your perfect Chef, Assistant, Chauffeur or Nanny needed in Buffalo, Staffing at Tiffanie’s is excited to join you on your journey! Simply visit our contact page to submit your details, or call (866) 484-5550.