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In Home Educator for 16 year old with Downs Syndrome Oakton, Virginia

Full Time
Oakton, Virginia 22124

Clients located in  Oakton, VA are seeking a Part Time Special Needs In Home Educator for their 16 year old son that has Downs Syndrome and Autism.

The schedule is 4 days per week. Candidate must be able to work Friday from 8:30am-2:30pm and then 12:00pm-5:00pm 3 other days per week (flexible on which days preferred).

He is nonverbal so candidate must be very observant to pick up on his cues.

The ideal candidate must be honest, open, freely communicates, up-beat and not rely on traditional methods only. Must be very creative and think outside the box for teaching and getting him to respond and learn. Must be VERY patient as progress with this combination (Downs/Autism) is very slow. Candidate will also need to be active and be able to assist 135 lb., 5’2” teenager.

His parents describe him as happy! He entertains himself often and he likes people, but not necessarily close contact with them. He is very easy to take care of, eats on his own with some help, and uses the bathroom with reminders and some help. He can dress himself with some help. He does not have any debilitating health conditions and does not take any medication. Mother is open, friendly and flexible. She listens to input and values communication. She is at home for work most of time and is semi retired.

Duties include:

  • Teach life skills such as eating, dressing, toilet, drinking from straw, brush teeth (ultimately to do without any assistance).
  • Teaching to clear plates/loading dishwasher.
  • Hang up coat and clothes.
  • Teach reading, matching, identifying items & math skills.
  • Entertain with playing, walking, swimming, hikes or other activities.

The pay range is $40-45/hour include 1 week paid vacation, 3 personal/sick days, paid holidays and $300 per month for health and wellness stipend.

Required Qualifications

Candidates must be at least 21 years old.
Related work experience is required along with verifiable references. Candidates may have a broad range of experience, but it MUST pertain to the position you are applying for. We require at least 2-3 verifiable references. Letters of recommendation from previous employers are preferred.
A driver’s license is required for most positions and a motor vehicle investigation is completed prior to placement.
A criminal background investigation is completed on all candidates prior to placement.
All candidates must furnish proof of US citizenship or eligibility to work as a legal alien.
Typically, candidates must be willing to commit for at least 1 year with a family. Occasionally, temporary and summer placements are requested.