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Full Time Household Manager Rancho Santa Fe, California

Full Time
Rancho Santa Fe , California 92067

Couple, both entrepreneurs and CEOs of high growth companies with 1 infant child is seeking a Full Time Household Manager in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. This is a Full Time role with a minimum of 40 hours per week guaranteed, 6 days per week (at least 1 weekend day preferred).

Privacy is extremely important both personally and professionally. Highest level of confidentiality is required and you will need to sign a legal document outlining confidentiality and non-disclosure.


  • This is a hands on role, looking for a “jill of all trades” to roll up sleeves and get stuff done
  • Basic “fix it” skills, painting small areas, assemble basic furniture/baby toys
  • Maintain clean residence daily, with surface cleaning and change sheets properly
  • Can bring in specialty cleaners for certain projects (window cleaning, power washing, high cleaning, etc.)
  • Doing laundry, picking up dry cleaning, and straightening away and organizing our clothing and other personal items. Discretion needed and non-judgement a must.
  • Loading and emptying the dishwasher and putting away kitchen items
  • Ensure garbage and recycling is dealt with properly. Ordering and breaking down boxes
  • Shopping for food, supplies, and other requested items, and occasionally prepping meals
  • Culinary skills are appreciated but regular cooking is not required
  • Arranging appointments for personal needs
  • Scheduling home maintenance and repair work, and supervising projects
  • Prep for guests, help with entertaining and working during parties (often on holidays)
  • Scheduling and managing maintenance of automobile
  • Running errands and performing necessary tasks


  • Speaks English fluently, clean background and driving record
  • Local to San Diego (should not have a long commute)
  • Tech skills (can send emails, manage calendars, using features of a smart home)
  • Self-starter, positive attitude and no task is too small to be done right
  • Project management skills

Current Household Staff Includes:

  • Full time Nanny
  • Night Nanny/Baby Nurse
  • Housekeeper

Salary range is $85-90k plus benefits. Starts asp!

Required Qualifications

Candidates must be at least 21 years old.
Related work experience is required along with verifiable references. Candidates may have a broad range of experience, but it MUST pertain to the position you are applying for. We require at least 2-3 verifiable references. Letters of recommendation from previous employers are preferred.
A driver’s license is required for most positions and a motor vehicle investigation is completed prior to placement.
A criminal background investigation is completed on all candidates prior to placement.
All candidates must furnish proof of US citizenship or eligibility to work as a legal alien.
Typically, candidates must be willing to commit for at least 1 year with a family. Occasionally, temporary and summer placements are requested.