A Day in the Life With Private Protection

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A Day in the Life With Private Protection

Security escorting high profile client out of a building

A career in Private Protection means that no two days are the same. Every day, you must use your extensive training and professional demeanor to keep individuals, their families, and their residences safe. Whether you are interested in a career in Private Security or will soon be beginning yours, this is what you can expect on an average day.

An Early Start

Most security personnel begin their days before most of us arise. As they eat a healthy breakfast, the highly trained protection professional is already starting to mentally prepare for their day. They also conduct uniform and equipment checks to ensure a professional appearance and that all their tools are ready for that day’s private security duties.


The daily briefing is the first part of the work day for security services staff. After discussing any incidents that occurred overnight and suggested improvements, the next order of business is to discuss a security plan for the Principal’s itinerary for that day.

The security team will plan main and alternate routes and discuss potential threats, such as fans or paparazzi who may be present.

The briefing will also include shifts for that day’s security presence with the Principal and around their residence. Preferred methods of communication, such as earphones, messenger apps,  hand signals, and use of vague language that does not alert others to the Principal’s absence from their home are also discussed and finalized.

Patrol and Accompaniment

Private security guards stationed at the Principal’s residence will conduct foot or vehicle patrols around the Principal’s residence. CCTV cameras will provide additional intelligence which can be used to improve security.

Guards who accompany the Principal ensure each destination is secure prior to their arrival. They accomplish this using skills that include surveillance and situational awareness.

Should any unexpected scenarios develop at the Principal’s home or elsewhere, Security personnel will approach each situation with a calm but observant manner.

Lunch and Breaks

Private Security teams must remain vigilant, even through lunch and break times, to ensure they can observe and respond quickly in the event of an emergency. During breaks, they will often engage in stretching, mindful breathing, and other techniques that allow them to center themselves and recharge for the remainder of the day.

Afternoon, Evening, and Night Time Duties

Security guard on duty

As the Principal returns to their residence, personal security who are accompanying them inform residential security guards that they are en route. This allows the staff to monitor activity around the Principal’s residence and ensure all individuals are at their designated stations.

Evening’s arrival will require all Security staff to adjust from natural to artificial light. The evening foot patrol will cover the perimeter of the Principal’s residence, as well as on the residence grounds to ensure all is as it should be.

Night vision cameras can help personnel navigate in limited visibility, and staff will rely more on the sounds they hear around them to identify potential threats.

If the Principal will be attending an awards ceremony, a celebration, or another special event, the security detail may have to adjust to provide the right level of quality security.

As the shift ends, Security professionals will have to ensure a smooth transition to the next shift so that there is no interruption to the Principal’s protection service.

Working in Private Protection Services can be rewarding and fulfilling. Staffing at Tiffanie’s is always seeking qualified candidates for high-profile clients wanting to hire Private Security or Executive Protection.

Learn more about Private Security services, view our available roles, or apply today to join our network of experienced security professionals. We look forward to working with you.