Wealth Management for Estate Managers: Best Practices

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Wealth Management for Estate Managers: Best Practices

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The Estate Manager job description may include the ability to manage all of the private wealth management requirements of a luxury home with great care to ensure that estates operate with efficiency. To accomplish this, certain best practices must be implemented.

Budgeting: The Foundation of the Role

The efficient management of any luxury home depends on your ability to create and adhere to a detailed budget. Accomplishing this goal will require the ability to effectively assess the financial needs of the household, as well as planning for the preservation of wealth through the generations of the estate’s family.

In addition to planning for current and future needs, your management role will also require you to ensure that financial resources remain available amidst unexpected emergencies and fluctuations in financial markets.

Expense and Income Management

The duties of an Estate Manager include the managing of every expense of your Principal’s household with laser focus. Allocating resources effectively will require an ability to identify which expenditures, such as staff salaries, are necessary, and which are not.

Estate management services include the use of negotiating skills to net the most cost-efficient service providers and vendors for the household. This must be done without sacrificing service or product quality.

Any income opportunities you identify on the estate itself will require the ability to create and present a detailed business plan that reveals its financial benefits. If accepted, these opportunities will also need to be managed to ensure income that does not interfere with the daily lives of your Principals.

Property Analysis and Improvement

One of the many responsibilities within the realm of Estate Management is to identify and decide on which building and renovation projects will add value and offer the most long-term financial benefit to your Principals and their families.

This will require you to conduct a detailed analysis of all areas of the property to determine where beneficial expansions or renovations can be made. Of course, a vital part of property analysis will be identifying how to accomplish improvements with the least environmental impact.

Meticulous Management of All Financial Transactions

The Estate Manager oversees all of the finances of a luxury property effectively. This requires considering and developing plans for cash flow, as well as tax and estate planning, and the management of investments.

The daily needs of the household will require a certain amount of cash to be available. Estate Managers will ensure finances are available for emergencies.

Because luxury households often invest in real estate in order to ensure continued income, these and other investment strategies will also need to be managed and monitored to ensure they continue to meet the goals of the estate without creating additional risk.

Taxes are an inevitable part of luxury estate ownership, but can become quite complex. The best Estate Managers understand the importance of consulting with specialists who can ensure that tax obligations are met, a family’s wealth is preserved, and that tax expenses can be reduced.

An Eye for Opportunity

In addition to managing the existing financial needs of their Principals’ luxury properties, Estate Managers must always be on alert for investments, reductions, and other solutions that will allow the property to enjoy benefits and reduced costs. A vital part of this role is conducting extensive research into businesses that can meet the needs of the household for less cost.

Once these companies are located, it will be necessary to confirm their requirements and ability to perform the tasks that are needed by the estate. Similarly, the Estate Manager will also need to research and stay current on the short and long-term benefits of various income opportunities to the property and its Principals.

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