Butler vs. Valet: What’s the Difference?

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Butler vs. Valet: What’s the Difference?

Butler from Staffing at Tiffanie's working in a luxury home

Both Butlers and Valets work in homes to offer several important services, but these two roles are distinct in terms of their training, duties, and historical backgrounds. Join us as we explore and clarify the differences between these important domestic professionals.

The Butler

Butlers achieved their prominent role in households in the 17th and 18th centuries. The role of the Butler is to make their Principal’s lives safer, comfortable and more enjoyable. They accomplish this by greeting guests, answering and screening phone calls and emails, and liaising between other household staff and their Principal. In large households, Butlers also manage staff members such as Housekeepers and Chefs.

The Butler’s duties and responsibilities include the scheduling of various services for their Principals, such as renovation and maintenance, and the caring of delicate china and crystal, as well as silverware.

Private functions held at an estate are also typically planned and overseen by the Household Butler, who may also be available to complete minor repairs and transport household members to appointments and meetings.

These domestic professionals are formally trained in meal service and table settings, along with wine, wine pairings, and gourmet cuisine. They typically oversee and care for their Principal’s wine cellars, wine storage rooms, and wine collections.

The Personal Valet

Valet helping a client put on their coat

The role of Valet dates back to 1456, when these individuals would offer personal assistance to junior courtiers, artists, and other important members of the royal court. This role is largely the same today, with Valets being responsible for assisting their male charges with their grooming, clothing, and other personal requirements.

The Valet is typically responsible for managing their Principal’s wardrobe, which is their responsibility to maintain with proper cleaning, mending, and storage. They assist with tasks such as dressing.

This “gentleman’s gentleman” also organizes and inventories the wardrobe of their Principal; cleans and maintains footwear; and prepares, packs, and unpacks the Principal’s garments before and after travel. They also ensure that their Principal’s rooms are always clean and ready to use and assist with toiletries, dressing, and caring for ties and other accessories.

The Valet is responsible only for their Principal and does not oversee any household staff or events that occur in a household. However, a Butler may be tasked with performing Valet duties.

Technology and Languages

Both Butlers and Valets make use of technology to increase their efficiency and value. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, online calendars, internet research, spreadsheets, word processing software and apps are just a few of the technological tools these professionals may employ in their workday.

These individuals may also be fluent in speaking and writing in more than one language, which makes them valuable assets to employers who live or travel abroad.


In times past, both the Butler and the Valet were expected to dress formally. Today, however, both types of professionals can be found dressed in business casual attire. Butlers may don their traditional black and white uniform for special occasions such as weddings, which may be held at a private estate.

Who Will Serve Your Needs Best?

Butler opening the car door for his client

The Butler adds comfort, security, and specialized skills to enhance the enjoyment of your home, while the Valet provides personalized service, assisting with dressing, grooming, and wardrobe maintenance.

Both of these domestic professionals can offer many benefits. When considering which may be the right choice for your household, your individual requirements, as well as the size of your home or estate, are factors in this important decision.

If you have a large household with a range of staff, a Butler possesses interpersonal and management skills that are beneficial to you and they can also perform Valet duties if required. The Valet is a personal assistant who can manage the wardrobe and grooming needs.

Both Butlers and Valets can elevate your household. Staffing at Tiffanie’s caters to the distinctive needs of high-profile families, executives, and discerning individuals who require top-tier household staff.

Our 26 years of experience has allowed us to create a meticulous process, whereby we discreetly source, curate, and vet professional domestic staff that are perfectly aligned with your unique requirements and lifestyle. Learn more about hiring Butlers, or complete our Client Questionnaire today.