A Day in the Life of a Live-In Nanny

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A Day in the Life of a Live-In Nanny

Professional live in nanny coloring with a child

Live-in Nannies are a vital part of their families’ lives. If you have ever wondered what responsibilities live-in Nannies have, and what a typical work day for these domestic professionals entails, read on to find out more.


Those considering hiring a live-in Nanny should be aware of the many responsibilities associated with the role. Nannies are “parent partners,” implementing the parents’ wishes in terms of childcare, routines, and more.

Live-in Nannies do care for children, and they also play a role in their development, educating them through playtime and providing for the children when necessary.

In addition to these full-time Nanny responsibilities, they also tidy up after the children. This can mean laundry, dishes, and cleaning up the childrens’ areas. Other responsibilities can include school drop-off and pick-up, and meal prep/light cooking.

An Early Start

Most days as a live-in Nanny begin early with ensuring the children are awakened on time. If there are younger children or babies in the home, it is the Nanny’s job to feed them or help them feed themselves, change diapers, and get them ready for the day.

If organizing outfits for the children is not done the evening before, this will be done during the morning. The Nanny then ensures the children are dressed and groomed. They must also make sure backpacks are ready to go, and that breakfast is prepared on time.

School Transportation

Live-in Nannies are responsible for ensuring older children get to school. This may mean waiting with them for the bus or transporting them to school.

Younger children may need to be driven to daycare. As well, live-in Nannies are often listed as the main contact, so they will be the ones called for issues which may arise, as well as for progress reports and conferences. All of this information is collected by the Nanny, whose responsibility it is to keep the parents updated.

Daily Duties

Once the children are at school, the full-time live-in Nanny begins completing their other responsibilities. These can include post-morning cleanup, tidying the childrens’ rooms, and laundry. If there are very young children or infants in the home, caring for them will also be part of the Nanny’s day, as will planning outings and activities. Depending on what’s needed, errands related to the children may also be on the agenda.

Any children at home will require lunch and snacks for the day, which the Nanny must prepare. This includes infant care. Regardless what a Nanny does, no two days are ever the same!

Evening Duties

The evening routine for the professional Nanny includes helping to get the children ready for bed. This can be just as hectic as the morning routine, where there may be multiple children who need to get ready simultaneously. Luckily, these domestic professionals have plenty of experience with this and understand how to get everything done efficiently, and on time.

Live in nanny working on reading with a child

Bathing the children, reading stories, and getting them tucked in are a regular part of the evening routine. After the children are asleep, the live-in Nanny conducts the after-dinner cleanup and makes the next day’s lunches, meals, and snacks. They may also prepare clothing and backpacks at this time.

The end of the day can also be the ideal time to meet with the parents and update them as to the day’s events. A typical daily report may include things like what the children ate, what homework they completed, any difficulties encountered during homework sessions, and what younger children learned at home or preschool.

After the work-day is complete, the Nanny will enjoy some quiet time before the next day.

Find or Become a Professional Nanny

As you can see, the daily life of a Nanny is never dull! Whether you seek a Nanny position or wish to hire a Nanny for your home, Staffing at Tiffanie’s can help. We’ve been matching top-quality Nannies and other domestic professionals with households for over 26 years. Contact us today.