A Day in the Life of a Private Chef

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A Day in the Life of a Private Chef

Private chef prepping food in a client's kitchen

The Private Chef is tasked with everything to do with a household’s kitchen. These domestic professionals ensure that everyone in the home has fresh and healthy meals and snacks, but there is so much more to a Private Chef’s day-to-day life than just cooking.

Menu Planning

Well before they begin preparing any dishes for a household, Private Chefs must discuss menu and meal options with their clients. It is their job to ensure that the entire household has a wonderful dining experience that is aligned with their tastes, nutritional needs and health goals.

It is also the Private Chef’s job to be aware of any dietary requirements, such as gluten-free or vegan, along with food allergies and the family’s preferences.


A Private Chef’s day begins very early.. After consulting the day’s menu, the Private Chef’s next task is to source the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Part of the Chef’s job is to ensure the pantry is stocked with what they need, but they still need to travel to grocery stores and contact their suppliers for the freshest proteins, fruits, vegetables and other items.

Once back at the client’s home, meal prep begins. This can include making bread, marinating proteins, chopping vegetables, creating dressings, and all tasks related to the daily menu.


An in-home Private Chef may or may or may not prepare the midday meal. If so, the time after breakfast cleanup will be devoted to preparing the afternoon meal. It may also require the Chef to source ingredients, depending on which lunch items are on that day’s menu.

If the Private Chef is not serving lunch, this part of the day can be an opportunity to extend ingredient shopping, prepare for the evening meal, or conduct some research into new cooking methods or pantry organization.


Privat echef from Staffing at Tiffanie's cooking a gourmet meal

Any meal preparation left to do for dinner service is completed by the Private Chef in the late afternoon into early evening. The dinner service is the most significant of the day; it not only forms the bulk of the Private Chef’s workload, but is also a great opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, as well as their creativity.

After the dinner service and cleanup of the kitchen, a Private Chef may already begin preparation for the next day’s meals, checking the pantry to ensure they have what they need, and creating a list of items that may not be readily available.

The life of a Chef is never dull. They must exude professionalism, friendliness, and remain calm with everyone and every situation they encounter. They must be able to adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

The Private Chef is a creative domestic professional who is truly passionate about what they do, and dedicated to being the best at their craft. These organizational and planning experts exceed client expectations with their culinary creations.

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