Differences Between Live-In Nannies and Au Pairs

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Differences Between Live-In Nannies and Au Pairs

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If you are considering hiring a domestic professional to assist you with childcare, it’s important to be aware that the live-in Nanny and Au Pair are two very different roles, although many of their responsibilities are similar.

What Is a Live-In Nanny?

A live-in Nanny provides professional child care and is paid a salary for doing so. There is more than one type of Nanny, however, so it’s important to understand these differences as well.

Nannies are typically offered employment packages, which include industry standard benefits.

The duties of a Nanny typically involve the following aspects of childcare:

  • Creation and maintenance of a routine for children
  • High-quality childcare and supervision
  • Providing a safe environment for children with CPR and other training
  • Transportation of children to and from school, appointments, and other outings
  • Offering guidance and emotional support

What Is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair is a bilingual individual, typically between the age of 18 and 23, who may or may not possess qualifications or experience with providing childcare. Au Pairs come from another country and live with a host family as part of a cultural exchange Au Pair program.

These individuals arrive at the homes of their host families from other countries and have traveled abroad for the purpose of experiencing and learning a new culture and language. Au Pairs work for their employer at a very low weekly stipend in exchange for food, accommodations, and language education. Au Pairs provide light housekeeping and childcare.

Because the Au Pair cannot be officially categorized as an employee and therefore cannot receive benefits, they are not paid a salary, per se. However, most Au Pairs receive spending money, but under the amount that might require their employers to declare them as official employees.

Families that are seeking long term childcare should be aware of the “one year only” allotted term for the Au Pair.

In general, Au Pairs assist families with many aspects of childcare, including:

  • Meal preparation
  • Helping with homework
  • Getting children bathed and dressed
  • Cleaning up after the children
  • School drop-off and pick-up
  • Taking the children on outings

How to Choose the Best Live-In Childcare

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Any consideration for live-in childcare requires research and an understanding of the differences of an Au Pair vs. Nanny. You must then locate a reliable source of live-in professionals for childcare, and then screen candidates carefully to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge you require.

Anyone providing childcare or other support in the domestic role also needs to be screened and have the experience to provide this kind of service. At Staffing at Tiffanie’s, you never have to navigate this process alone because we support you at every step.

To get a detailed picture of your needs and lifestyle, we begin with a comprehensive client questionnaire and an initial conversation. The information we obtain from this first step is used to create a custom tailored job description for live-in childcare.

We hand select top candidates based on your preferences and submit those who are the best match for your role. This proven process has allowed us to successfully place domestic professionals and employers for 26 years.

Submit your Nanny application to our Domestic Staffing Agency. If you’re looking to hire a full-time Nanny, we invite you to learn more here.