How to Prepare for a Live-In Housekeeper

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How to Prepare for a Live-In Housekeeper

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If you have a busy family and find that you rarely have any time to complete those necessary domestic tasks such as cleaning, you may have already decided to hire a live-in Housekeeper or are considering doing so. You will want to ensure that you have made certain preparations before your Housekeeper arrives.

Why Prepare Your Home?

As their title implies, your Housekeeper will be living with your household. This can mean they live in the same space as the rest of your family. It may also mean they live in separate quarters, such as a guest house located on your property or an apartment in another part of your home.

Wherever your Housekeeper will be staying, you will need to prepare for them. This means ensuring their living space is ready, but also that they will have what they need to do the job.

Preparing Living Quarters

Just like everyone else in your household, your live-in Housekeeper needs their privacy. If they will be living in a guest suite, providing them with their own bathroom will give them the privacy they need.

It is a good idea to also consider the location of your Housekeeper’s quarters relative to the other rooms in your home. If your home is large, designating a room that’s on the opposite side of where your family sleeps can be favorable. If you have a loft or lower level, these may also be preferable locations for your live-in Housekeeper’s accommodations.

Preparing their area should include providing furniture, such as a night stand, bed, dresser, and chair. If the room does not have a closet, consider creating one or providing an armoire. Towels, bed linens, blankets, and similar items are also provided, along with a space they can be stored.

Preparing an Apartment or Guest House

If your live-in Housekeeper will be staying in a larger space such as a guest house or apartment, it may need a deep cleaning prior to their arrival, especially if it has been a while since anyone has occupied the space.

Test or update appliances such as the refrigerator and stove so that they are ready to use as soon as your Housekeeper has moved in.

Check to confirm that your Housekeeper also has what they need in terms of kitchen utensils and dishes.

Providing the Needed Supplies

A full-time professional Housekeeper needs the right supplies in order to complete their job to your specifications. It is beneficial to meet with your Housekeeper to discuss what they need in terms of cleaning supplies.

Some Housekeepers arrive with their own supplies. In this case, it can be a good idea to schedule time to discuss and learn about these supplies and decide if they meet your approval.

Other Considerations

If your Housekeeper is going to be living in a bedroom in your home, they will likely be sharing the kitchen with the other members of your household. If this is the case, a schedule can be an ideal solution for everyone that will ensure kitchen time is available when needed. A kitchen schedule can be discussed with your Housekeeper before they arrive or after they have settled in.

You will want to ensure that your live-in Housekeeper also has a designated parking space or area where they can park their vehicle.

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Live-in Housekeepers are truly a wonderful addition to any household; they complete a multitude of tasks around your home and also possess the necessary skills and knowledge to care for delicate fabrics, fine upholstery, and much more.

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