Estate Manager’s Guide to Client Relationship Building and Networking

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Estate Manager’s Guide to Client Relationship Building and Networking

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Estate Managers possess special skill sets that help to ensure their success. Leadership and organization are vital, and the ability to network and build strong client relationships is an absolute necessity. If you’re an Estate Manager who wants to build your networking skills, this guide contains tips you can start applying today.

Be Mindful of Tone and Word

You will see daily interactions with everyone from your Principal’s family and staff to large vendors and companies. Ensure that your words and tone are always kind and respectful; treating everyone with the same respect will encourage them to build trust and start a business relationship with you.

Take the Time

An Estate Manager’s job is in client management, as well as the overseeing of all staff working at one or more homes or sprawling estates. Important parts of being in this career are the connections you make with staff. Be intentional about stopping to greet them. Be genuine when asking how they are and authentic about offering them any help they may need.

Building successful short and long-term relationships with clients and staff in this way will not only make it much easier to work with other household staff, professionals, companies and the Principal and their family; it will also make trust easier and allow you to build connections that matter.

Exhibit Emotional Intelligence

Understanding, resolving conflict and observing the dynamics of your workspace are all examples of ways to exhibit emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is what will allow you to enter into, manage, and nurture all of your good client relationships.

Remember a Detail with Each New Connection

Building a strong relationship often begins by sharing one or more personal details. Making note of just one of these details and referencing it the next time you meet can make a significant and lasting impact.

How can conversing about one personal detail have such wide-reaching effects? It lets the person know that you not only remember who they are, but that you care about them. Details ultimately form the foundation of all of the positive working relationships you will build as an Estate Manager.

Be Aware of Non-Verbal Cues

Paying attention to the body language of others can reveal much about how they’re feeling, and help to inform your next move and make you even more of an expert communicator. When you combine your awareness of non-verbal cues with emotional intelligence and a respectful tone, the individuals you build relationships with will return that respect and empathy many times over.

Be Empathetic

How do you feel when things aren’t going as you’d like them to? What words could someone say to you that would encourage you? Or, how would you like to be treated during challenging times?

Thinking about all of these, and then applying the answers when networking will demonstrate your care and concern with those you interact with.

Find Opportunities to Build Successful Client Relationships Through Networking and Relationship-Building

Learning how to improve your skills and adopt new ones is a great way to ensure you’re building positive client relationships with everyone you meet.

Joining a professional organization or network exclusively for Domestic Staff or Estate Managers can connect you with many opportunities for Estate Management networking, important career information, and educational resources. You can forge important relationships with your peers, learning from them and enhancing your skills.

You will also want to consider partnering with a premier Domestic Staffing Agency that can provide you with employer matches that allow you to use and refine your relationship-building and networking skills.26 Years of Exclusive Estate Manager Placement Experience

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