Estate Manager vs. Director of Residences: Comparing Roles in Managing Domestic Staff

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Estate Manager vs. Director of Residences: Comparing Roles in Managing Domestic Staff

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As the number of luxury estates continues to rise globally the demand for Estate Managers and Directors of Residence is rising as well. Yet there are major important differences between the two roles.

The Estate Manager Role

Large estates are often located on sprawling properties that the Private Estate Manager is responsible for. This role is typically at the higher level of estate staff and, therefore, Estate Managers are responsible for the daily operations of the estate, its grounds, and all related personnel/staff and duties.

Their multiple responsibilities require Estate Managers to possess numerous skill sets. In addition to the ability to solve problems, think strategically, and focus on even the smallest details, the Estate Manager must also possess the skills and qualifications necessary to:

  • Interview, train and oversee household staff.
  • Evaluate construction and oversee contractors and other vendors that will work on the property.
  • Manage crews for aircraft, along with airstrips, yachts, and docks.
  • Create and manage household staff schedules.
  • Present and store art, vehicle, and antique collections.
  • Ensure that the estate is always ready to welcome guests.

The Director of Residences Role

Directors of Residence is the top level of management responsible for overseeing an Principal’s multiple properties, which may even be located in different countries. This requires the ability to ensure continuity and consistency of operations, standards, and services across all properties.

A Director of Residences is a representative of their employer. This may include attending meetings or negotiating services and contracts on behalf of the Principal. These professionals may assume the responsibilities of an Estate Manager or ensure Managers fulfill their responsibilities over several properties. Directors of Residences also:

  • Manage all financials, including budget and repair work.
  • Develop human resource policies and household manuals.
  • Provide business analyses for all properties.
  • Create Directors reports for all properties.
  • Plan and execute construction projects and land expansion.

This multi-talented professional is often required to be bilingual to understand the languages of and various laws in the locations where their employer’s estates are located. They may also work with their Principal to create, plan, and develop budgets, policies, and other important aspects of running multiple estates.

Finding the Right Professional for Your Requirements

Both an Estate Manager and Director of Residences can offer the assistance you need to ensure your estate runs properly and efficiently. Finding the right professional means knowing how to locate the best and most highly skilled individual for the position, as well as someone who shares your vision and work ethic.

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