Creating a Positive Living Environment: How a Director of Residences is a Key Component

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Creating a Positive Living Environment: How a Director of Residences is a Key Component

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Owners of multiple properties need each of their residences to be in perfect condition, which requires management of all its functions including budgets and expenditures. Responsible for overseeing every aspect of an owner’s estates, a Director of Residences offers many benefits.

The CEO of Your Family Office

The Director of Residences is essentially your CEO. They are the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly across all of your properties, though they may rarely spend time in any of them.

Their role is a vital and multi-faceted one; they’re in charge of keeping each property in the best possible condition and ready to be enjoyed whenever you wish to do so.

The Director of Residences uses their college degree, property management certification, and previous experience with luxury property management to exceed your expectations.

Common Duties and Responsibilities

The main duty of a Director of Residences is to ensure your personal preferences and wishes are carried out in each of your properties.

They accomplish this by scheduling a time to meet with you each week to obtain your feedback and record any requested changes. They then meet with the Estate Managers at each of your residences to ensure all is carried out accordingly.

In order to accomplish all of the above, the Director of Residences must be a master of organization, creating calendars and project lists for each of your properties, and:

  • Develop, execute, and maintain protocols and policies that protect your interests and that vendors and contractors will be bound to.
  • Develop, execute, and maintain inventory schedules for each property’s linen, silver, china, wine, art and oversee proper storage and care with staff.

The day-to-day of a Director of Residences includes various responsibilities, such as:

  • Periodically traveling to one or more residences to oversee certain aspects personally.
  • Acquiring new land and property, as well as art, yachts, jets and other items.
  • Identifying and understanding each residence’s security needs and ensuring all are met.
  • Ensuring that staff at each residence understands and is executing your wishes for a consistent feel.
  • Checking to make sure that each of your residences is stocked with everything you need, including toiletries, clothing, and your preferred foods and beverages.
  • Overseeing all development and reviews of staff checklists and household manuals.

In addition to all of the above, your Director of Residences works with you to manage the finances and capital expenditures of all properties. They will also analyze, research, and report on the future growth, negotiations, cost structures, and functionality of your properties.

A Positive Experience Wherever You Go

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When you have a Director of Residences to oversee your properties, each residence you visit will be a positive experience because it will be exactly as you expect.

Since 1998, Staffing at Tiffanie’s has been providing owners of multiple residences with top tier Directors of Residence and Domestic Staff. Our discreet process protects your privacy and ensures you receive only the most qualified and experienced individuals. Begin your hiring process today.