The Advantages of a Career in Estate Management: Reasons to Consider

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The Advantages of a Career in Estate Management: Reasons to Consider

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Estate Managers oversee the daily operations of private estates to ensure they always run efficiently. If you’ve been dreaming of a challenging career that is different every day, the role of Estate Manager may be a perfect fit. Here are reasons to consider this career.

An Ideal Role for Those Who Enjoy Solving Problems

If you enjoy problem-solving in all its forms, you may become a great Estate Manager or House Manager. You will be expected to manage everything from financial documents and bill payments to schedule changes and meeting repair or renovation deadlines.

In the middle of their regular duties, Estate Managers must also possess negotiation skills and navigate unexpected issues that can arise in a large household, such as last-minute changes and replacements for staff members who are absent.

Natural Leaders and Communicators Will Excel

The Estate Manager job description includes possessing excellent leadership capabilities. Being a great leader will allow you to ensure that all Domestic Staff are upholding service standards, and that all estate operations are running smoothly.

An important part of a leader is motivating the staff you oversee, and being a highly skilled communicator who builds and nurtures all professional relationships. Being in the role of Estate Manager also means that you will be in the human resources realm, making decisions about Domestic employees or letting them go.

Your communication and management skills will also be vital for successful interactions with companies that arrive to maintain the estate, its guests, and the financial institutions that you contact on the estate’s behalf.

Competitive Salary and Bonuses

There are many individuals who are available to be Estate Managers. However, only a select few are experts in all of the daily, weekly, and yearly activities that will occur at an estate. Therefore, these highly skilled professionals are consistently in high demand, and their salary will reflect that. It is also predicted that the demand for skilled Estate Managers will increase.

Estate Managers salary is usually commensurate with experience. In addition to their salary, Estate Managers also enjoy certain benefits such as sign-on or retention bonuses, health insurance or a health and wellness stipend, PTO, and occasionally private housing from their employers.

Daily Variety

As an Estate Manager, no two days are ever the same. One day, you may be busy planning and executing a large event for your employer, and the next day may find you meeting with the household’s financial advisors or museum curators regarding your employer’s valuable collections.

Estate Managers who oversee multiple properties can expect even more variety as they travel to these destinations to manage maintenance of their employer’s yacht or arrange a formal dinner party for hundreds of guests.

Being able to pivot as needed will require the ability and willingness to adapt to constantly changing circumstances with ease.

Continual Skill Application

If you are looking for a role that will require you to apply all of your skills, education, and training every day, then this career is definitely one to consider. The opportunities to use the skills that this role brings ultimately means that you will only gain more experience working in household management, which therefore increases your value.

The Chance to Enjoy a Rewarding and Fulfilling Career

Estate manager shaking hands with clients from Staffing at Tiffanie's

Working as an Estate Manager means being the face of your employer and their large estate. This will require you to exercise professionalism and discretion at all times.

As a skilled leader, communicator, and project manager who is able to adapt to any situation and handle several responsibilities at once and exercise the attention to detail that makes every event special, you will find the Estate Manager role to be both rewarding and fulfilling. 

With over 26 years of experience, Staffing at Tiffanie’s uses a thorough, detailed process to hand-select and match top-level Estate Managers in the industry with our high-profile clientele for unforgettable career experiences.

If you possess the specific skills and experience required to excel as an Estate Manager, we invite you to consider applying with our private staffing company. Contact us at 1-866-484-5550 or visit us at