Protecting Your Home Assets with a Butler

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Protecting Your Home Assets with a Butler

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Butlers are amongst the oldest and original types of Household Staff. However, over time, the Butler’s role has changed. The role of today’s Butler is multi-faceted and includes protecting the assets of the households they serve.

The Benefits of Modern Day Butlers

The modern Butler possesses skills and training in many areas, using technology that includes a range of reporting tools and online platforms. This means that a household will benefit in several ways through the hiring of this domestic professional.

Butlers work long hours, supervising other Household Staff, preparing meals, and planning and overseeing events. They may manage a household, maintain the wardrobes of family members, and organize Household Staff schedules and payroll, and may even be in charge of the hiring of other Domestic Staff.

The Modern Day Butler ensures that any antiques, silverware, and artwork are properly cleaned and maintained. They conduct regular checks to ensure all areas of the home are running smoothly.

A Physical Presence

In addition to other Butler duties and responsibilities, these professionals also accomplish another important task for the homes they serve; as they are often the “face” of the estate.

A Butler is an estate’s professional representative. Butlers also decide who is permitted to enter a home.

Important Skills

Because they manage so many aspects of a household, a Butler’s communication and technological skills must always be timely and on-point. The Modern Day Butler will know how to use an estate’s security system to monitor a property, as well as how to arm and disarm the system and get in touch with security personnel when and if this is required.

They will understand the need for security, not only for the property itself, but also for a household’s computers and internet connection. Today’s Butler knows it is important to safeguard against physical and virtual security threats and will have the knowledge and planning needed to avert any breaches.

How to Hire a Butler

Butler from Staffing at Tiffanie's

With the many skills they possess, a Butler will become an essential part of your home’s operation. This also means that deciding on the right Butler is a consideration that requires much patience and great care.

When you work with Staffing at Tiffanie’s to find a Modern Day Butler, you have chosen an experienced Domestic Staffing Agency that will match your household’s needs and personality to the perfect hospitality industry professional.

We begin with an initial consultation and our Client Questionnaire. Once completed, we use this information to create a personalized job description.

We choose vetted and viable candidates to send to you, and we offer continuous guidance and support. Find your perfect Modern Day Butler with Staffing at Tiffanie’s; call or visit today: 866-484-5550.