Setting Expectations and Communicating with Your Nanny: Tips for a Successful Partnership

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Setting Expectations and Communicating with Your Nanny: Tips for a Successful Partnership

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If you’ve recently had a child, will soon be returning to work, or simply can’t do all that’s needed without assistance, a Nanny can provide you with reliable child care. Because they’ll be working in your home, a healthy and positive Nanny-Parent relationship is essential. These tips will help you cultivate a partnership that benefits everyone.

Fair Compensation

Your Nanny may have a natural talent for interacting with your child and may have professional accreditation in the education and care of children. However, this doesn’t mean that a Nanny’s  job is an easy one. Therefore, it’s important that your Nanny’s pay reflects their level of education and their ability to do their job effectively.

Generally speaking, industry standard starting wage for a Nanny is $25.00 per hour, at minimum. Offering fair compensation is a great way to communicate to your Nanny that you value them, which is an ideal starting point for a healthy working relationship.

You may consider offering your Nanny monetary or other bonuses throughout the year. Bonuses should be commensurate with their experience and performance over the past year.

Open, Clear, and Direct Communication

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When you and your Nanny can communicate clearly and directly in an open manner, you can all benefit. Open communication will ideally begin with their employment contract, which should outline in detail what your Nanny expectations are.

Leave plenty of room for questions and clarification before finalizing the agreement. Once your Nanny begins working in your home, schedule regular check-ins with them to ensure you are both on the same page about what needs to be done.

Finally, encourage your Nanny to communicate with you whenever they are in doubt about something, and always thank them for all they are helping you to accomplish.

It’s important to consider that, like with any relationship, establishing smooth and open communication with your Nanny may take time. Therefore, patience and positivity will be key.

Another important consideration is to not assume your Nanny will automatically know what to do or how you’d prefer tasks to be completed. These Nanny responsibilities can be included in a general checklist with acceptable activities, meal choices, and other items.

Paid Time Off

In hiring a Nanny, you have chosen a professional who allows you to spend more time with your family or with yourself.

Providing your Nanny with paid vacation time is an ideal way to recognize all they’ve done for you. It also communicates that their own well-being is important to you, and that you recognize the significance of their role to your family’s health. 

Two full weeks is industry standard for a full time Nanny as the appropriate minimum for paid vacation time.

In discussing paid vacation time with your Nanny, it may be feasible to choose one week yourself and allow your Nanny the opportunity to choose the other.

Finding Your Perfect Nanny

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A good Nanny is a vital Domestic Employee that will be supporting the health and optimal function of your family. Therefore, finding the right match for your household is essential.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s is a professional Nanny agency with over 25 years of experience in finding top talent. Whether you’re seeking a long-term Nanny to work on a full-time, part-time, or live-in basis, Staffing at Tiffanie’s assures privacy and discretion, as well as Nannies who are thoroughly screened and vetted.

We use a comprehensive questionnaire to create your customized job description. We support and guide you through the entire process and ensure your satisfaction.

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