The Importance of a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Domestic Staff

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The Importance of a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Domestic Staff

Non-Disclosure agreement for domestic staff

The term “Non-Disclosure Agreement” in relation to Domestic Staff can cause one to think of celebrity scandals and lawsuits, but, in reality, an NDA can be an incredibly useful tool that protects every household from privacy breaches.

What Is an NDA and Why Would You Need One?

You and your family have the right to privacy. Domestic Staff often have access to the household’s sensitive documents. They also witness the goings-on of a household from day to day. All of this is information that you, as the employer, may wish to keep confidential.

The NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, obligates your Domestic Staff to keep your confidential information private.

Typically, the NDA is included as a condition of employment. The employee either signs an Offer of Employment and agrees to the NDA as part of that agreement or signs a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement in addition to their employment contract.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement is legally binding; therefore, if an employee violates this agreement, you can seek legal recourse.

What Should Be Included in Your Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Your NDA for household employees can be as general or as detailed as you wish.This depends on your circumstances.

The NDA’s of high-profile celebrity families may be very detailed, obligating Domestic Staff to not share specific information about their home or family on social media or in conversations. This information can include photos, bank statements, work and school locations and much more.

An NDA can also be more general and wide-reaching, such as prohibiting disclosure in any and every form.

You can also have NDAs for specific employees. For example, a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a Nanny who is involved with the more intimate aspects of your family and children may include different requirements than a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a Personal Assistant who has access to your business contacts.

The Importance of Understanding

It is vitally important that both you as the Household Employer and your Household Employee both understand the requirements and repercussions your Non-Disclosure Agreement entails.

Open communication is the key to avoiding any misunderstandings. Encourage your prospective employee to ask questions about the terms outlined in your Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We Can Help

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A Confidentiality Agreement’s purpose is to protect Household Employers from having their personal information made public in some way. This agreement binds your employees to keep your private life private, and it outlines the consequences for not doing so. However, the wording of an NDA as well as what it contains, matters.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s Clients benefit from guidance and support at every step, including the creation of Non-Disclosure Agreements. When you are ready to hire Domestic Staff to work in your home, we formulate a detailed Offer of Employment for them to sign.

This Offer of Employment should include a Non-Disclosure Agreement or clause for your new employee to sign.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s provides Clients with the highest-quality candidates. Our comprehensive and thorough process matches the perfect Domestic Staff to your unique requirements and personality.

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