The Importance of Private Security in Protecting Your Family

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The Importance of Private Security in Protecting Your Family

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Many public figures, celebrities, and high net-worth individuals may be at high risk of crime. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable family members—children—often become a common target. If the safety of your family has you concerned, Private Security may be the right solution.

Why Hire Private Security Services?

If you are the one on stage or in front of the cameras, you may assume all of the risk of your status as a high-level executive, actor, or professional athlete is on you, but the reality is likely that your family is also being exposed to potential danger.

Around-the-Clock Protection

Private Security Services can be put in place to protect your family at all times and in all situations, including while children are at school, when the family is faced with paparazzi, and also at night when everyone is asleep at home.


High-profile families have been the targets of kidnappings, burglaries, and violence. Opportunistic criminals have been known to construct elaborate schemes to extort money from wealthy parents. To the untrained eye, things may not seem out of place, but a Private Security professional knows how to spot the signs of trouble and stop problems before they can escalate.

Types of Private Security

Private Security exists in more than one form, so it’s important to understand what each type offers in order to make an informed decision for your family.

Executive Protection – This option can be the ideal choice for high-profile Executives and VIPS who wish to go about their regular lives with their families uninterrupted. Executive Protection professionals are trained to mitigate security risks.

Personal Security Guard – For families who are attending high-profile events, a Personal Security Guard can provide protection at a higher level. Unarmed combat, crowd screening, and tactical driving are some of the many skills these individuals possess.

Security Guards – Armed and unarmed security helps protect families at home in several ways. The visibility of security guard services are an effective deterrent for unwanted attention. They are trained in observation, patrol, and the detainment of individuals.

Private Armed Security – Some circumstances require the presence of Private Armed

Security Services. These highly trained professionals can accompany you and your family members to and from important events.

Identifying Your Need for Professional Security

Being a high-profile individual doesn’t always mean that you or your family need Personal Security. Considering the following can help you decide.

Financial Perception

Are you thought of as wealthy by the general public, or have you been recognized as such by a major publication? If so, this perception may mean that you’d benefit from Private Security.

Public Status

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If people know who you are, and consider you to be a celebrity, philanthropist, or influencer, this can indicate the need for Private Security. As well, if the public has strong opinions about you, this is another indicator.


Has there been any new tension around you? Being in any kind of spotlight can generate grudges, which can place you and your family at risk. A security professional will be able to spot trouble in a wide variety of situations.


Even the most seemingly innocent interactions can have serious consequences. Do you know who is entering your home or who has access to you in some other way? Private Security can help you control who has access.

Career Responsibilities

Does your role require you to frequently be in high-risk situations or travel extensively? Some career responsibilities can place you in politically unstable or crime-ridden countries or expose you to other hidden dangers. Private Security can offer needed protection in these scenarios.

Qualifications to Look For

The best way to find the right personal protection, Armed Security Guard, or another type of protection for your family is to ensure they possess certain qualifications.


Any Private Security professional you hire should be experienced at providing protection for your specific needs and situation. Additionally, they should be willing to provide you with all information related to their past employers, including Private Security Companies and homes.

An important aspect of their experience will be their previous work with children. A security professional that can relate well with your children and has experience providing security for children is important and necessary.


All Private Security professionals are trained to be vigilant and to react swiftly and decisively. However, when it comes to protecting your whole family, a security professional’s personality will be an important consideration.

Any protection you hire for your home should be a match for your family’s personality, as this will foster your trust in them.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Match

When it comes to protecting your family, nothing but the absolute best will do. Staffing at Tiffanie’s has been placing security professionals for over 26 years. Our experience includes working with musicians, actors, sports figures and other high-profile professionals.

We use an effective process to discreetly locate the best talent. Begin your search for a Private Security professional today!