Skills That Your Private Security Should Have

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Skills That Your Private Security Should Have

There are many types of private security to choose from however, regardless of whether you plan to hire a Security Guard Executive Protection or another type of security personnel, there are certain skills none of them should be without.

Physical Fitness

Working as a Security Guard means being tasked with the physical removal of trespassers from your property, while others may have to walk or stand for several hours at a time.

Being in good physical shape, which includes participation in regular exercise to maintain a healthy body weight, will allow your Private Security to perform their duties with confidence and efficiency.

Observation and Attention to Detail

Keen observation helps Security Guards detect and prevent issues before they begin. Body language and crowd monitoring are just two of the many skills for Security Guards to possess.

Any security you hire will also be exercising their attention to detail on a daily basis. They must be able to recall a large volume of important information, however seemingly insignificant. The best Security Guards know which details are and are not indicators of potential problems.

Communication Skills

Personal security from Staffing at Tiffanies communicating with the team through his radio

The ability to communicate effectively is an absolutely crucial Security Guard skill. These professionals often use two-way radios to report to one another, which demands the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. A Private Security Guard may also have to speak on the phone, whether to communicate with visitors or check in with their employer.

Written communication is also part of a Security Guard’s job; they may need to compose a report when they begin their shift, and then summarize the day’s events for the next shift to review.

The Ability to Stay Focused

Those working in Personal Security use their ability to remain focused constantly during every shift. A good Security Guard knows there’s no time for distractions, as distractions can place lives in jeopardy.

Constant focus allows security personnel to make a mental note of everything they see and hear and use that information to make swift and informed decisions.

Critical Thinking

A large part of what makes a good Security Guard is their ability to think critically about any situation. In using their own logic and reasoning ability, Private security professionals can discern the strong and weak aspects of any circumstance they may find themselves in and use these skills to decide on the best approach to a situation, usually within a very short time.


The ability to solve any problem requires information collection and situation analysis, yet it also requires identifying and applying potential solutions, often quickly. For some of the best security guards, problem-solving is much like breathing; it is automatic.

A Professional Attitude

Personal security team opening a car door and escorting their client to the car

For private security personnel, attitude is everything. Security Guards know that in order to successfully resolve problems or conflict, they must always react with calm assertiveness.

Security professionals must also maintain a professional attitude with their employers and their guests. This means being well-mannered, receptive, and friendly at all times.

Getting the Most from Private Security

In order to get the most benefit, it’s important to identify what kind of security professional you think is the best match for your requirements.

For example, Executive Protection may be ideal if your career exposes you to high-risk areas and situations. If you are a politician or celebrity, Personal Bodyguards can offer the close protection you need when on stage during large events.

Another way to get maximum benefit is to choose the individual or team who possess all of the aforementioned skills and who has the experience necessary to fulfill their duties to your exact specifications.

Finally, a Security Guard with a perfect match to your personality, as well as the personalities of everyone in your household, will help all to feel more at ease.

Private Security Services for Every Need

Two personal security guards protecting their client at a business

Whether you require individual protection or a team to secure your property, Staffing at Tiffanie’s can match the right security professionals to your requirements and personality. We possess 26 years of experience in finding security and household staff for celebrities, sports figures, musicians, politicians and other high-profile individuals and households.

Our discreet and effective process begins with a personal consultation. We then create a job description specific to your needs. We hand-select the most skilled and talented private security professionals and arrange interviews around your schedule.

After you choose your Private Security Professional, we will present an Offer of Employment Letter based on the terms of employment provided.

We are dedicated to maintaining your privacy, always using the utmost discretion when sourcing candidates for you. Contact us today to begin your Personal Security search: 866-484-5550.