How to Manage the Most Efficient Home for Working Parents

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How to Manage the Most Efficient Home for Working Parents

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Working while raising a family means having to juggle several tasks on a daily basis. How do some parents make it look so easy? We have tips and advice for working parents who want to manage the most efficient household.


Creating a schedule for the household is one of the best ways to keep things running smoothly. Including all responsibilities, such as school, work, and household cleaning, will help everyone stay on track.

A Nanny can offer many benefits to working parents. They provide high-quality, personalized child care in the home, eliminating the need to transport children to and from daycare providers. Nannies engage children with activities that support their learning and development and ensure that the children are always on schedule.

Prepare and Simplify

Cooking every meal can consume a lot of time, which just isn’t feasible for busy families. One time management tool for parents is to devote one day each week to preparing and freezing meals for the following week. 

Busy parents can ensure fresh and healthy meals every day with a Private Chef, who is an expert at planning menus, shopping for the best ingredients, and taking care of kitchen cleanup. Able to accommodate even the most picky eaters, Private Chefs can be an ideal solution for busy households.

Stay Organized

Clutter is a common and silent invader that can cause working parents to waste precious time searching for important items. Having a system that keeps essential files, keys, and other items such as backpacks in designated spaces can reduce stress and add minutes to busy mornings.

Long days can leave little if any room for the additional time that organizing can demand. Thankfully, there are Housekeepers. These Domestic Professionals are ideal additions to the homes of working parents, keeping everything clean and organized. They free up hours of time, which can be spent with the children instead of working around the home.


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Delegating tasks to other household members can help improve time management for parents by lightening their workload and promoting the concept of teamwork. For homes with younger children, it can help delegate those tasks to domestic professionals such as Family Assistants and Household Managers.

Family Assistants offer a customized blend of services, from household organization to scheduling and logistics related to school events and other appointments.

Families that have multiple Household Staff in addition to other organizational needs can benefit from a Household Manager who can oversee the staff and ensure everything in the home is where it needs to be.

The Benefits of Using a Domestic Staffing Agency

Individuals who are also busy parents often choose a Domestic Staffing Agency when they need to keep their households running efficiently.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s helps working parents focus on their careers and spend more quality time with their families. With over 26 years of experience in Private Domestic Staffing, along with our dedication to discretion and client satisfaction, make us the agency of choice for a growing number of parents needing a secure way to hire the Domestic Staff they need.

Clients choose us for many reasons. We offer access to the most highly qualified candidates through our extensive network, in addition to offering guidance and assistance at each step of the hiring process. We match candidates to the needs and personalities of the household.

To identify the types of staff you may need, we create a detailed job description specific to your role and provide you with professional, viable candidates for your review. We hand-select these candidates that match your needs and we arrange interviews around your busy schedule.

We also conduct full background checks for your peace of mind. Learn more about our time-saving process today! Call 866-484-5550.