Ways a Family Assistant Can Help This Holiday Season

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Ways a Family Assistant Can Help This Holiday Season

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Now that 2022 is over, you may be reflecting on your past year in business and thinking about how to improve it in 2023. We’ve compiled a list of business new year resolutions to get your creative juices flowing and make things happen this year.

Give Your Business Plan a Second Look

Business plans are usually given the most attention in the early days. While this document can be a great time capsule, it’s a valuable guide to take with you throughout.

Inspect your business plan for what’s different since you began and what your goals were then. If you’ve met them or they’ve changed since then, it’s time to give your business plan an update. Other things to update include your competitors’ research and financials.

Technology and Training

You may finally be in a position to take advantage of that new technology you’ve been wanting to implement at your company. Before you execute this business resolution, ensure that training is in place for your employees so that they can navigate these changes more easily.

Along with training for the new technology you’ll be implementing, it may also be a good time to investigate what other training opportunities are available to offer employees who want to upgrade their skills. This is a great way to boost business, as it will help employees feel valued.

Concentrate on Customer Service

A part of reflecting on years past is identifying what didn’t work as well as you’d hoped. One of the most common areas of business missteps is with customer service. If you have some kind of customer feedback program in place, the best time to look at it is at frequent intervals throughout the year.

However, if you have yet to do so, there’s no better time than right now. This is because the more you fine-tune your customer service, the greater the customer loyalty your business will enjoy.

This may not be the easiest aspect of your last year to examine, but it’s crucial to identify the most negative experiences that customers had with your business in 2022 and how you handled them.

Acknowledge those things that you could have done better and let go of what was done, but promise yourself and your customers that they won’t happen again by implementing customer service that will exceed their expectations.

Revamp Your Website

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Speaking of customer feedback, you might want to consider the comments made about your website. Did they find it easy or difficult to navigate your pages? If there were difficulties, identify where they occurred and take steps to correct them.

Visit your website yourself to get an idea of how easy it is for you to navigate. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes can go a long way to giving them what they need when they visit your online “home.”

Increase Your Green

A fresh new year can be the perfect time to revamp the way your company handles waste and contributes to environmental health. Just like with your website navigation, it’s important to identify the areas in your waste management and other initiatives where employees may be having problems or where your company is creating more waste than it needs to.

For example, maybe your signage on recycling bins isn’t clear or large enough, and employees are throwing recyclables into the garbage as a result. Taking a detailed look at your waste management and recycling programs and how these items move through your company can help everyone feel better about their environmental footprint.

Delegate and/or Outsource

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As a business owner, it can be very difficult to relinquish control over its various aspects, but if your plan is to grow beyond last year’s goals, this will be a necessity. A big part of the fear associated with letting go is thinking that you’ll be the only one who knows how to accomplish something.

This fear can be quickly eliminated through finding highly skilled and qualified people. Search within your company for employees whose skills you may not be utilizing fully, and speak to them about expanding their roles. You may discover that they can take on many of the tasks that have been preventing you from giving certain of your business your full attention.

Outsourcing certain tasks to dedicated professionals is another great way to open your business to growth quickly and without additional stress. If you need someone to drive you to your meetings or help you stay organized, for example, hiring a Business Chauffeur and Professional Personal Assistant can ensure continued momentum.

How to Find Top-Quality Talent for Your Business

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If you’ve been wondering how to improve your business in 2023, consider a business or domestic professional from Staffing at Tiffanie’s. Our established private staffing agency puts over two decades of experience into finding the best-matched professionals for high-profile individuals including executives, celebrities, and athletes.

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation, during which we gain a full understanding of your personality and specific needs. We create a detailed job description to our extensive network of private connections, who provide us with the most highly skilled professionals for your review and selection.

Whether you’re seeking a Private Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Business Chauffeur services, or another specialized individual to work for your company or household, Staffing at Tiffanie’s can help support your goals for a stellar 2023. Get in touch with us today!