Ways a Family Assistant Can Help This Holiday Season

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Ways a Family Assistant Can Help This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is coming quickly. With parties to plan, gifts to wrap, and errands to run, you may wonder how you’re going to accomplish it all. A Family Assistant is a professional who can provide you with all of the help you need.

What Is a Family Assistant?

A Family Assistant or FA is a unique kind of domestic professional who cares for your entire family and who is responsible for a wide range of duties that can make your holiday time more enjoyable.

Ways That Family Assistants Can Help

A Family Assistant’s duties are many and varied, but they are all geared toward helping your family have a fun and organized Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any special holiday that you may be celebrating.

These educated and experienced professionals can become indispensable, helping you to get everything done in time with as little interruption to your regular schedule as possible.

Shopping and Meal Planning

Your Family Assistant is there for everyone in your home, including at mealtimes. They can shop for groceries to ensure your kitchen and pantry are well-stocked so that you don’t have to worry about running out at the last minute.

Instead of having to figure out what to make at every meal after your return from a busy day, you can know that your Family Assistant has taken care of every single detail and all the ingredients are there to prepare your meal.

Laundry and Linens

A Family Assistant can also ensure that laundry for your household is always caught up. With this essential domestic professional, your family can enjoy freshly washed and folded clothing and linens every day.

An Essential Holiday Personal Assistant

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There’s a lot of extra work to do to prepare for the holidays. Your Family Assistant is happy to run errands while you check items off your holiday to-do list. You can also choose to have them take care of everything you need done, so that you can focus on making special holiday memories with your family.

A Family Assistant specializes in organizing. This can benefit you in several important ways. For example, the season brings special holiday events like school plays. Your Family Assistant can help to ensure costumes are ready, homework is completed, and the children arrive on time for rehearsals, fittings, and opening night.

These professionals also help your household stay organized by completing important tasks such as cleaning and decluttering your home office, closet, and kitchen spaces.

Planning is another specialty of the Family Assistant. Whether your holiday events include special gatherings like intimate dinner parties, or it will be a larger event like a charity gala or ball, you know that your Family Assistant will be there to help with sending invitations, hiring the caterer, and much more.

Help with Holiday Prep

Trying to concentrate on your other obligations in addition to your holiday planning can mean that some things simply fall through the cracks. This is yet another area where a Family Assistant can be just what you need.

Imagine going out to complete your holiday shopping and coming home, knowing that your greeting cards have been addressed and stamped, and that all of your decorations have been taken out of storage and organized or already hung while you were gone.

The holidays are also a busy time for traveling. Whether you are heading out to see family in another state, or treating your family to a special holiday vacation, a Family Assistant’s duties can include finding flights and hotels, liaising with your travel agent, booking activities, and making other travel arrangements.

They can also help everyone pack and even ensure that your plants and pets are taken care of until you return.

Postseason Assistance

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As you well know, the holiday season doesn’t end with the celebrations. After the shopping, gatherings, and gift unwrapping are over, there can be as much to do as there was prior to your festivities.

Your Family Assistant is someone who can also help you with all of the post-holiday to-do list items, including taking down, repackaging, and storing decorations; cleaning and refreshing your home; sending out thank-you notes; and even returning unneeded items.

These are the kinds of benefits that your entire family can enjoy when you hire a Family Assistant.

Family Assistants at Staffing at Tiffanie’s

When you need help with your holiday preparations, not just anyone will do; they must be able to know how to carry out your requirements to your expectations as efficiently and professionally as possible.

The ideal Family Assistant is one who will act as an extension of your household, able to accomplish what is needed with very little intervention or direction from you.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s specializes in locating only the most highly qualified and best-matched Family Assistants to work in your home. We use our extensive network to find the right professional for your family, and we support and guide you throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction.

Call 866-484-5550 to be connected with one of our domestic staffing specialists and begin your search.