The Importance of a Professional Housekeeper

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The Importance of a Professional Housekeeper

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Regardless of the size of your household, hiring a Professional Housekeeper offers a host of benefits. However, if you’re considering hiring this domestic staff professional, it’s important to ensure they are qualified to work in your home.

What Makes a Professional Housekeeper?

Professional Housekeepers do complete tasks around your household, but they also possess certain skills and level of experience that other Housekeepers simply do not. These domestic professionals must adhere to certain industry standards.

These professionals are considered to be the best of the best, Professional Housekeepers can only be found via exclusive channels that specialize in supplying households with individuals having lengthy experience, organizational skills, discretion, attention to detail and able to respect confidentiality.

Industry standards are especially important for Professional Housekeepers to maintain. These individuals provide professional cleaning services to private households, therefore; the standards to which they must adhere are rigorous.

What You Should Expect from a Professional Housekeeper

Young chambermaid wiping dust from furniture in hotel room

The goal of a Professional Housekeeper is to maintain exceptional standards on a daily basis. In order to accomplish this important task, they must possess or be able to exhibit the following:

Knowledge of High Quality Cleaning Supplies

A Professional Housekeeper knows how to clean your home properly and thoroughly. They have also invested time and research into high quality product knowledge and maintenance.

Effective Techniques

Whether it’s cleaning, organizing, or employing their specialized housekeeping skills, a Professional Housekeeper’s techniques must be on-point. This means constantly upgrading their skills for efficiency, obtaining better products and creating a healthy, clean home environment.

Unparalleled Professionalism

Professional Housekeepers carry themselves in a manner that sets them apart. They will arrive at work polished and impeccably dressed, ready to listen to, process, and execute whatever instructions they receive from the head of household.

Professional Housekeepers also exhibit their professionalism by treating every inch of a home with the utmost respect. Should an error occur, they will not hesitate to notify the head of household right away to explain the circumstances. Finally, the Professional Housekeeper will be able to eliminate the possibility that an error will occur a second time.

Attention to Every Detail

Because of their roles in high-profile households, Professional Housekeepers must go well beyond cleaning and organizing. They must possess incredible attention to even the smallest of details, because this is what will make their employers’ lives easier.

Perhaps the household has several pieces of fine art, or the head of household wears designer clothing and has other important valuables. It is the Professional Housekeeper’s job to know how to properly clean and care for these items so that their employer can continue to enjoy them.

The Utmost Discretion

Considering that they are employed in the homes of celebrities, professional athletes, and individuals of high net worth, Professional Housekeepers must always approach their role with the utmost discretion. This is, essentially, a basic requirement and skill for Professional Housekeepers to possess.

These individuals must use discretion in all aspects of their role, including performing additional tasks that require them to be in a public setting, such as running errands.

The Benefits of Working with an Agency Offering Professional Housekeepers

A domestic staffing agency for Housekeepers possesses a true understanding of the importance this role plays in a household. These agencies know that organizing and maintaining a home to high standards requires an individual who possesses top-tier skills and characteristics.

They also understand the importance of ensuring that all candidates possess and will employ the utmost discretion. Therefore; a reputable professional domestic staffing agency will settle for nothing less than the most highly qualified individuals to represent them.

Why Choose Staffing at Tiffanie’s?

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Staffing at Tiffanie’s is the choice of a growing number of households seeking only the best in domestic professionals. With 25 years of experience, Staffing at Tiffanie’s is able to provide households with highly qualified and screened professionals.

Our proven process begins with a comprehensive Client Questionnaire, which identifies the duties and characteristics deemed to be most important in a Professional Housekeeper. Next, we create a custom tailored job description based on your preferences and utilize our extensive and exclusive network of connections to choose the best fit candidates.

Our screening process identifies only those professionals who are the best fit. We schedule all interviews with pre-screened candidates, providing guidance and support throughout the entire process.

A Professional Housekeeper possesses the skills and expertise necessary to keep your home running smoothly.

Discover the difference of working with a Housekeeping Staffing Agency whose sole aim is to exceed your expectations; learn more today.