Guide to Becoming an Estate Manager

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Guide to Becoming an Estate Manager

Household Manager

An Estate Manager’s role is to ensure the smooth daily operation of a household. What are Estate Manager duties? What skills should you possess if you’re looking for a Private Estate Manager role? We will reveal the answers to these questions and more.

Estate Manager Industry Overview

In order to ensure a household runs smoothly, the Estate Manager must be an expert assistant, coordinator, and planner able to understand the responsibilities of other household staff, supporting and orchestrating them accordingly. Therefore, the Estate Manager may be required to perform the following duties:

  • Sourcing for groceries and other items.
  • Creating and/or updating the Household Manual.
  • Schedule vehicle maintenance.
  • Schedule and supervise repairs and maintenance for the home.
  • Plan, organize, and coordinate events.
  • Supervise other household staff.
  • Manage the calendars and schedules of household members.
  • Run errands and complete other duties.
  • Arrange personal and professional appointments.
  • Process payroll, household bills and administrative tasks.

Larger estates may require an expansion of Estate Management services. 

Efficient Estate Manager Skills

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Because they have so many duties and responsibilities, the following skills are usually listed in Estate Manager job descriptions as important.


No household can run smoothly unless all staff members are performing at optimal efficiency.

Because Estate Managers are typically responsible for some or all of the domestic staff in a household, leadership is a crucial skill they must possess. Excellent leaders support, empower, and encourage growth and development.

Management of People and Responsibilities

An Estate Manager must also have management skills and experience. They must be able to manage the other domestic staff in the household, appointments and deadlines, and their own list of responsibilities.

Management of Finances

Depending on the size of the household and number of household staff members, an Estate Manager is typically tasked with managing finances. This can mean ensuring that the household’s finances are in order, as well as being in charge of organizing the payroll of other domestic staff in the home.


Communication is an essential skill for every Household Manager to possess. In order to ensure the household runs as it should, the Estate Manager must be able to communicate instructions and daily tasks.

Attention to Detail

As the supervisor of other domestic staff in a household, the Estate Manager must be able to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly, efficiently, on time, and to the Principal’s exact specifications.

Jobs in Estate Management with Staffing at Tiffanie’s

The Estate Manager role includes constant variety and daily opportunities to excel. Staffing at Tiffanie’s specializes in the exclusive placement of Estate Managers based on matching personality and experience.

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