Synopsis of the Personal Assistant Industry

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Synopsis of the Personal Assistant Industry

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Whether it’s preparing reports, scheduling meetings, or taking dictation, the Personal Assistant (PA) is responsible for keeping things organized and running smoothly in a household or organization. If you have interest in a domestic staff role as a Personal Assistant, here’s what you need to know.

Personal Assistant Overview

The main role of a PA is to perform a wide range of duties for their employer so they can focus on other tasks at hand. In performing these duties, a PA helps to make their employer’s life less stressful.


The responsibilities of any Personal Assistant depend on the requirements of their employer. A PA may be responsible for some or all of the following:

  • Arranging for business or recreational travel
  • Answering phone calls and taking messages
  • Organizing important business and personal files
  • Corresponding with individuals on behalf of their employer
  • Recording the minutes of meetings
  • Coordinating with Contractors & Vendors
  • Calendar Management

The tasks assigned to a Personal Assistant can go beyond those mentioned above.

Different Types of Personal Assistants

There are several types of Personal Assistants. These professionals may work on a full or part time basis. Some PAs work in offices, while others work in their employer’s private home or estate.

The High Profile Personal Assistant performs business and personal duties for a celebrity, sports figure or UHNW individuals/family offices.

The Executive Personal Assistant helps a busy Executive/CEO to stay organized by scheduling meetings, arranging for transportation, and performing personal and business related tasks.

The Personal or Family Assistant for Private Individuals assists with organizing appointments, running errands, and performing other tasks that keep households running smoothly.

The Virtual Assistant supports one or more employers and typically works from a remote setting.

Personal Assistant Skills List

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There are certain skills that every Personal Assistant must possess in order to succeed in their role.

Multitasking – A Personal Assistant who can schedule, make phone calls, and answer emails in addition to all of their other priorities is always a welcome addition to an organization or home. Many employers place high value on a PA who can multitask.

Communication – The best Personal Assistants have superior communication skills. They are not only able to create partnerships effectively, but their communication skills extend to the absorption and relaying of information that’s time-sensitive and complex.

Time Management – In order for a Personal Assistant to be able to keep their manager’s daily life organized, they must possess excellent time management skills. Also, this extends to having the ability to organize and manage their own time. In order to do so, these professionals are better-equipped to manage their employer’s time.

Attention to Detail – This is a quality that no Personal Assistant should be without. Attention to detail means that these professionals rarely miss one aspect when arranging for travel or completing any other task.

Organization – Organizational skills are of crucial importance in the Personal Assistant role. Organization allows the Personal Assistant to adapt to schedule changes and shifting priorities and to excel with every task.

Interpersonal Skills – Because the role of a Personal Assistant is to interact with multiple people each day, interpersonal skills are vital.

Tips for Becoming a Personal Assistant

When pursuing a career as a Personal Assistant, it will be important to consider the following before you apply:

Be Informed

Depending on the type of Personal Assistant career you’re pursuing, there may be more specific skills you’ll need to possess. Informing yourself about the Personal Assistant role in your preferred industry will allow you to develop these skills prior to hire.

Be Flexible and Open

Being flexible and open will allow you to welcome new opportunities for growth in your role and increase your value to your employer.

Anticipate Needs

A Personal Assistant is proactive and is skilled in anticipating their employer’s needs.

Tech Skills

It’s always a good idea to update your tech skills such as computer software knowledge. Being up to date on these skills will make you a more efficient Personal Assistant.

Work with an Agency

Searching for and applying for Personal Assistant roles that are the best suited for your skillset can be a daunting task; however when you work with a professional Personal Assistant agency, they can find top-quality employers and match you with the perfect fit.

Why Staffing at Tiffanie’s?

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Working as a Personal Assistant can be a wonderful career with many opportunities for growth and development.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s has been placing full-time and part-time Domestic staff since 1998. We base all of our placements on experience, mutual beliefs and personalities.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s main goal is to exceed expectations. To learn more about our process please visit us online.

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