How a Nanny Enhances the Back to School Routine

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How a Nanny Enhances the Back to School Routine

Little girl studying. Mother helps her daughter.

With all of the excitement surrounding back-to-school time, it can also mean increased stress for children and parents. Yet a Nanny can help make the transition to this new routine much smoother for the entire family.

Much to Be Done

Preparing the children for going back to school may involve several routines. In families where summer bedtime and wake-up times differ from those during school months, this routine will definitely be a priority.

Along with the times that children go to bed and arise will be mealtimes. Now that the children will be heading back to school, the mealtime routine will be more structured around the school day.

As well, other routines, such as homework times, preparing and packing lunches, and making beds in the morning may also be part of your family’s back-to-school routine.

Ways a Nanny Can Help

Tutor with litthe girl studying at home

Going back to school will mean making new friends, doing homework, and studying, among many other changes. A Nanny can be an indispensable addition to your household during this time.

Before School

A Nanny can be of much assistance in the time before your child leaves for school. Not only can they help ensure your child wakes on time, but a Nanny can also guide them through bed making, brushing teeth, and getting dressed in time for breakfast.

Nannies are expert communicators that possess many skills to motivate and inspire children to look forward to their day. Using their organizational talents, a Nanny can help your child get into their back-to-school routine in a way that complements their individual pace and personality.

At School

An important part of the back-to-school routine is your child’s interactions with classmates and teachers. Depending on their age group, your child may or may not be learning about these interactions for the first time.

A Nanny can help your child with this in many ways. For example, they can facilitate understanding of certain interactions by acting them out with your child beforehand to help them feel more confident about entering this new situation.

However, a Nanny can also provide added support to your child when they need someone to talk to about their apprehensions.

Your children can also benefit from the mental engagement that a Nanny can provide. In the time before school begins, a Nanny can help your child to refocus and start practicing mathematics, reading comprehension, and similar skills that they’ll access during the school year.

After School

Just as with every other part of their day, your children will also have a routine after they return home from school. This will involve studying, completing homework, navigating projects, and more.

Your Nanny can provide motivation and positive reinforcement for your child once they are back at home. After-school nannies can teach your child back-to-school tips and tricks for time management and studying effectively. A nanny can help with homework and project deadlines. A Nanny can also provide a listening ear when your child wants to discuss the day’s events.

Communication with Parents

A big part of the back-to-school Nanny routine is communicating with you, the parent, about your child’s day. Nannies are an integral part of a family’s life, forming strong bonds with children through hours of daily interaction. This interaction allows your Nanny to observe how your child is navigating the challenges of the school year and communicate their findings to you.

You can consider your Nanny to be an extra pair of eyes and ears—someone who continues providing your child with support and encouragement until you return home.

What to Look For in a Nanny

The tutor is engaged with the child

Before you can find the ideal Nanny for your family, you must first identify what’s most important to you. Perhaps you need help more in the mornings than the afternoons. Or, you may require your Nanny to organize your child’s school paperwork and extracurricular schedule. Other items you may need could include, but may not be limited to:

  • Transportation to activities and appointments
  • Preparing breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks
  • Grooming and outfit planning

You may also consider how many hours you’d need your Nanny to work. Some families might benefit from a live-in Nanny, while others may only require one for before and after school.

After identifying what you need, you’ll need to find the individuals who are best suited to meet these requirements. This may include possessing specific skills like teaching and cooking, and it will also involve being perfectly suited to your family’s and child’s personality.

The process of searching for and hiring a Nanny can require a lot of your time and energy, but working with a domestic staffing agency can streamline and simplify this process significantly.

With over 20 years experience in sourcing highly skilled Nannies and other domestic professionals, Staffing at Tiffanie’s can help you locate the best individual for your child, quickly and reliably.

Why Do Families Choose to Work with Us?

Families choose Staffing at Tiffanie’s for back-to-school Nannies because of our thorough process. Beginning with a consultation, we ensure a full understanding of your needs and concerns by having you complete our detailed questionnaire.

We then use your answers to create a detailed request for applicants, using our extensive resources to discreetly and confidentially advertise for the position.

Choosing only the most highly skilled and best-matched applicants for your family, we send them to you for review, guiding you through the entire interview and hiring process. We send your chosen Nanny an offer of employment. Once they accept, we follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

Having a Nanny can offer many benefits to your family during the school year; begin your search today with the professionals at Staffing at Tiffanie’s.