The Benefits of Employing Multiple Staff for Your Home

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The Benefits of Employing Multiple Staff for Your Home

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Many of today’s busy households benefit from professional staff. If this option is something you’re considering for your home(s) or estate, the number of individuals you hire will impact the outcome of a well-managed home. 

The “All-Inclusive” Option

One of the many options of Domestic Staff that are available is the All-Inclusive (Jane/Jack of all Trades). These individuals obtain the skill sets for multiple household roles. On the surface, this option can appear ideal. However; it usually is not a long term solution.

Placing multiple responsibilities in the hands of one person often creates employee “burnout”. If they are unable to work or resign, your family will be left without the crucial services you rely on.

If you desire this All-Inclusive “rockstar” employee, industry standard market salary is currently $100,000+. 

The Benefits of Hiring Multiple Staff

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Employing multiple staff focused on targeted duties offers a range of benefits.


Professional Household Staff members, such as Butlers, Chefs, Nannies and Housekeepers obtain the experience needed to excel in their roles. It is that specific experience that contributes to the smooth management of your household.


Hiring multiple Domestic Professionals for your home means having a much higher-quality experience. These individuals have received extensive training and are hired specifically for their qualifications.


Having multiple Domestic Staff provides the benefits of the extensive knowledge that each one possesses. For example, instead of an individual who may know only a small amount about cooking, a Personal Chef is an expert in all things culinary.

Important Skill Sets

Certain skills are only available with specific types of staff. A Nanny is a good example due to their training/experience. They possess abilities specifically geared toward infants/children, such as child development and milestones. This skillset is not typically taught to other types of household staff such as Housekeepers, Household Managers or Personal Assistants.

Selecting and Structuring Household Staff

When hiring multiple staff members for your household, it is important to consider your most pertinent needs. For example, housekeeping and childcare are two of the most common requirements, so hiring individual professionals to fill these household staff positions is recommended.

If your household requires multiple staff members, a Household or Estate Manager can assist with onboarding and orientation. These professionals will prove to be indispensable, ensuring that your staff and household are organized and well-managed.

The Benefits of Working with Staffing at Tiffanie’s

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Finding Domestic Staff to work in your home can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

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