Tips to Empower Your Staff

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Tips to Empower Your Staff

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As a family with domestic staff, you expect a level of care and attention that maintains your standards. Still, you may have wondered about ways to encourage and foster a sense of empowerment. Here are some success points to consider.

Helping Staff Achieve Their Full Potential

Cultivating a successful team depends on building trust, providing honest feedback, encouraging open communication, and showing empathy, as well as delegating responsibilities and supporting opportunities for individual growth.

However, even though your staff is there to help you, the job of keeping track of their activities can become overwhelming, especially when trying to do so in addition to your own schedule. This is where a Household or Estate Manager can be the perfect fit.

What Is a Household Manager?

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The Household Manager handles all aspects of domestic staff management and supervision. Some Household Manager duties include but are not limited to:

  • Running errands
  • Planning and coordinating staff schedules
  • Scheduling maintenance, repair, and other appointments
  • Completing administrative tasks
  • Delegating duties to household staff
  • Providing homeowners with updates

How Do Household Managers Empower Staff?

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In addition to knowing how to manage a household, the Estate Manager can do much to empower your staff. These professionals are natural leaders and communicators. They can efficiently delegate tasks and clearly communicate the whys and hows of these directions to your household staff.

A key characteristic of any skilled Household Manager is the ability to build a culture of trust with the employees they oversee. The tools they use to accomplish this are honesty and empathy. The Household Manager inspires your staff to do their best by being honest with them about their performance while highlighting their strengths.

These professionals are able to put themselves in the shoes of your domestic employees, which gives them a deeper understanding of how they perceive the value of their contributions to your household. In turn, this understanding makes your employees feel valued and understood.

Estate Managers are also expert problem solvers; because they are tasked with ensuring your household runs smoothly, they must also know how to handle many issues, from disagreements to last-minute requirements and schedule changes.

The fact that they are purpose-driven allows the Household Manager to empower employees to challenge themselves through learning and identifying opportunities for self-growth.

Finding the Right Household Manager for You

The Household Manager is the best empowerment tool for your home. You know your household better than anyone; therefore, you may have already formed a picture of your ideal Household Manager—but how do you find the perfect match?

First, it’s important to know where to find the most qualified individuals; then, there’s the task of scheduling interviews and hiring an Estate Manager.

Staffing at Tiffanie’s possesses over 20 years experience in finding skilled household management and other staff for busy households. We use our extensive connections to locate only the most qualified and best-matched individuals for your review, supporting and guiding you throughout the process. Begin your search today.