Signs You Should Hire Private Security

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Signs You Should Hire Private Security

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Personal security is a service that anyone can benefit from, but how do you know if it’s time to hire a professional to provide you with protection? Here are some ways to tell that hiring an Executive Protection Agent (EPA) might be the next best step.

Having a High Net Worth

Those with considerable wealth have been the targets of unwelcome attention, despite the fact that nothing may seem to be out of place. If you are a high net worth individual and have concerns about your family’s and your own safety, this can indicate that an EPA could benefit you.

Being a Celebrity

Most fans may want only an autograph or a handshake but, on occasion, celebrity encounters can get out of hand. With an Executive Protection Agent to accompany you to meet and greets, concerts, and other events, this kind of negative attention can be discouraged, giving you peace of mind.

Having to Be in High-Risk Areas

Due to economic, political, or other instability, some countries pose a higher overall risk of kidnapping and ransom attempts. If you must live in or travel to one of these countries frequently for work, it can make sense to hire Private Security.

Running a Large Company

Though it may not seem so, executives and CEOs of large companies are often the targets of hackers, disgruntled employees, or company rivals seeking money or media attention. An EPA may be right for you if these are your concerns. 

Suddenly Changing Circumstances

Winning the lottery and having your name published for all to see or being part of a high-profile court case can change your life overnight. Your Executive Protection Agent can be the best person to curb the kind of unwanted attention that can accompany these changes in circumstance.

Handling High-Risk Items

Working for a high-profile company can include transporting money, valuables, or confidential documents from one place to another. Private Security training includes the detection of suspicious activity before it escalates to keep you and the items you transport safe and secured.

Wanting to Protect Your Home and Family

Many individuals work hard to ensure their families have everything they need. Unfortunately, this can also mean that their properties and family members become the unwitting targets of thieves. When you want added peace-of-mind, Private Security for hire can ensure the safety and security of both loved ones and property.

The Best EPAs for Your Security Needs

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Executive Protection Agent training includes how to quickly spot, handle, and diffuse security problems, as well as first aid, defensive driving, counter surveillance, and much more. Those with security concerns choose Staffing at Tiffanie’s when they want the best of the best.

We possess over 20 years of experience in locating only the most qualified Executive Protection Agents for your requirements. After gaining a complete understanding of your needs, we source and select only the most skilled Agents for your review. Visit our website to learn more about our process and get in touch with us.