Nanny Travel Tips for Summer 2022

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Nanny Travel Tips for Summer 2022

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It’s almost summer holiday time and, if you’re a Nanny who will be traveling for the first time with your employers and their children, our complete summer guide will provide lots of tips for bringing a Nanny on vacation.

Discuss the Details

Communicating with your employers before and during your holiday is absolutely vital. Schedule time to talk about their expectations of you, including the number of hours you’ll be working, activities you’ll be doing with the children, and meal and bed times.

Conduct some research into your destination, and compile a list of available child-friendly activities, both inside and outside of your hotel, so that your employers can choose the best experiences for their children.


Your role as Nanny may change during holidays. For example, your employers may be traveling with a Nanny for the first time. Or, this may be the first time you’re alone with the children. Regardless, the type of care will be important to discuss prior to travel.


Traveling will also mean a change in the children’s routines. Beyond meal and bed times, ensure your pre-travel routine discussion includes understanding what is most important to the parents, as well as the rules they feel good about relaxing while on holiday.

Be Professional and Flexible

A professional attitude will go a long way with your employers. Remember that you are the person who will be caring for their children so that they can enjoy their holiday. As such, being as calm and prepared as possible will let them know they’ve selected the right person to accompany them.

Being flexible with things like last-minute itinerary changes will help your employers to have peace of mind. Because vacation routines can be different from those at home, you’ll want to be flexible with your employers and be there when they need you to be, in whatever capacity.

Don’t Forget to Pack These Must-Have Items

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There are certain things that you simply can’t live without while en route to any holiday destination. Pack these items in your carry-on luggage and include extras to ensure they’re well within reach while you’re on the plane:

  • Parent-approved snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Baby wipes
  • Changes of clothing
  • Parent-approved books, games, and other entertainment

Enjoy the Journey!

Being a Nanny is such a rewarding experience, and now you get to enjoy spending holiday time with the children you care so much about. When you discuss the details beforehand and are professional, flexible, and prepared for anything, you will be able to savor every minute of your special journey together. We hope you enjoyed these “being a Nanny” tips!

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