How to Become a Professional Chauffeur

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How to Become a Professional Chauffeur

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If you enjoy driving and are dreaming of work days on the open road, becoming a Professional Chauffeur may appeal to you. We’ll provide you with the information you’ll need to start this lucrative and exciting career.

Industry Overview

At the outset, being a Celebrity or Executive Chauffeur may seem a lot like being a taxi driver. However, there are several differences between these types of positions. You will be driving passengers from one location to another, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Being a Professional Chauffeur means offering the service at a completely different level, and employing a specific set of professional skills to accomplish this. For example, a Celebrity Chauffeur will need to be able to manage schedule changes and paparazzi, while an Executive Chauffeur needs to know how to transport busy executives quickly and safely to important meetings on time.

Training and Licensing

A driver’s license as well as a clean record are two basics that are needed in order to become a Chauffeur. Depending on the employer, you may also have to obtain additional licensing, such as language certification or passing a  Chauffeur’s license test. There are also driving courses and Chauffeur training manuals available for those wishing to pursue this career.

Skills and Experience

There are several skills that you should obtain and/or develop before becoming a Professional Chauffeur.

Maturity – A big part of how to become a Private Chauffeur is maturity. You must be old enough to have developed driving skills and confidence behind the wheel.

Professional appearance –  A professional appearance is one of the most important characteristics to possess. A Professional Chauffeur needs to dress professionally, including dress shoes, tie and jacket, appropriate-length skirt, blazer, and slacks. As well, the vehicle being driven should also be professionally cleaned and detailed.

Professional attitude – A Professional Chauffeur’s attitude must match their appearance. Politeness, courteousness, helpfulness, and pleasantness are all parts of the professional attitude that Chauffeurs are expected to possess at all times.

Organization – Being a Professional Chauffeur also requires skills in organizing and preparation. In addition to driving, a Professional Chauffeur must be able to plan the main route to a passenger’s destination, as well as any alternate routes if needed. This ability to organize and plan will ensure an enjoyable experience for both driver and passenger.

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Control – As a Professional Chauffeur, a big part of your job will be staying calm and positive at all times. This includes control while driving. All traffic laws must be obeyed, and turns, acceleration, braking, and lane changes should be smoothly executed.

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