Ways to Welcome New Staff to Your Household

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Ways to Welcome New Staff to Your Household

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It is essential to welcome new staff into your household, so they feel comfortable with their new position, fellow household staff, and you and your family. Below are several effective ways to make a new hire feel welcome for the smoothest transition possible.

#1. Prep Your Family and Staff

Before your new employee arrives, take a moment to inform your family and your current staff members. You should let them know what position they are filling, where they come from, and any other pertinent information you feel they need to know to welcome this person into your home.

#2. Provide Productivity Essentials

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Another idea is to prepare a welcome gift with essential items, such as a reusable water bottle, pens, notepads, or other items they may benefit from as part of their job responsibilities. For example, a Personal Assistant may find a day planner or headset an invaluable tool, whereas a Private Chef may benefit from a knife sharpener or another cooking-related item easily at their disposal.

#3. Assign Them a Mentor

It is beneficial to assign your new employee a mentor who can greet them when they first arrive, assist with job training, answer questions, offer advice, and help your newest staff member acclimate to your home when appropriate for the position.

#4. Let Them Get to Know You and Your Home First

To help your newest domestic staff member feel at home, you may want to provide them with interesting facts about you, your family, or your home. For instance, you could include birthdays, anniversaries, and things your kids like and dislike for your new Nanny. On the other hand, for an Estate Manager, you could highlight any historical interests about your property or home. Do not forget to introduce any new household staff to your furry family members too.

#5. Give Them a Tour of the Home and Grounds

Even though your Private Chef will primarily be in the kitchen and your Personal Assistant in the home office, it helps new staff members get their bearings if they know the general layout of the property, particularly which bathrooms are available to them and where to access first aid supplies.

#6. Create a Schedule for Their First Week

Creating a schedule for your new domestic staff member is one of the top creative employee onboarding ideas. You can create the schedule or have someone else in the household do so, such as your Personal Assistant or Household Manager.

Your employee will then know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and when. Make sure to include time in the schedule for one-on-one meetings at the end of the day to see how things are going and if they have any questions. For live-in staff members, plan time into their first day for unpacking and settling in.

#7. Plan a Welcome New Staff Luncheon

Sometime during their first week, plan a luncheon to welcome them as a part of your household staff. This helps them get to know the other staff better, as well as other people they will be interacting with in the home.

If your schedule does not allow you to do this, designate your Household Manager, Estate Manager, or Private Assistant to schedule the luncheon on your behalf.

Other Considerations to Welcome New Staff

How to make a new hire feel welcome in your home will vary based on the size of your household staff, their specific position, and their job responsibilities. For example, it is not uncommon in large households to have your Personal Assistant or Household Manager plan and arrange most of these ideas.

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