Why Having a Personal Driver Is Better Than Taxis

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Why Having a Personal Driver Is Better Than Taxis

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Are you looking for reliable transportation for your kids to get to and from school? Maybe you enjoy working while someone else drives you to and from work? Or you might just enjoy being able to relax and not have to worry about the traffic.

There are all excellent reasons to hire a chauffeur. However, there are key differences between having a personal driver and using taxis or a personal driver service.

The Level of Service

A chauffeur offers a higher level of service because they tailor their services to your and your family’s needs. For example, they can provide you with confidentiality and privacy when you need it or be talkative and engaging in conversations.

Better Vehicle Maintenance and Vehicle Choice

With taxis and personal driver services, you rarely have a choice of vehicle—let alone, you have no way to tell how often the vehicle is maintained. In addition, you have no control over the cleanliness of the car.

By hiring a chauffeur, you can use your own vehicles. Plus, your chauffeur ensures that the cars are well-maintained and kept clean inside and out.

The Level of Training

Taxi drivers and personal driver services will undergo some initial training to ensure they are safe drivers. However, this is the extent of their training to provide transportation services.

On the other hand, being chauffeured offers a higher level of training. Most chauffeur drivers know how to operate a wide range of vehicles. They also maintain a level of professionalism at all times. In addition, your private chauffeur may have other training, like in personal security, to allow them to function as your bodyguard.

Exceptional Hygiene Practices

You never have to worry about your personal driver not maintaining their hygiene practices. You always know they will be dressed professionally, smell great, and be well-groomed.

The Level of Commitment

Taxis and personal driver services offer a minimal level of commitment. Their only objective is to get you from point A to point B.

Having a personal driver offers the highest level of commitment to you as their employer. Private chauffeurs take pride in their work by ensuring they are always dressed professionally, ready to drive you wherever you need and to make a good impression when seen in public with you and your family.

Route and Trip Planning

When you hire a chauffeur as part of your household staff, you can task them with route and trip planning as part of their job responsibilities. For example, you are traveling out of state and want your chauffeur to travel with you and drive you around. They will take the time to learn the most efficient routes and plan trips based on where you need to go.

You Know What You Are Paying For

You know exactly how much it costs when you hire a private chauffeur. There are no hidden fees, fuel surcharges, tipping, or other added costs associated with using taxis and personal driver services. Furthermore, you have access to your driver whenever you need them and never have to wait to be driven somewhere.

Finding the Perfect Chauffeur for Your Transportation Needs

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It is easy to hire a chauffeur who can meet your transportation needs when you enlist the personal driver hiring services from Staffing at Tiffanie’s. We work with you to customize the role and required job duties.

Next, we match you with qualified candidates that are an ideal fit for you and your family and provide you with their profiles and resumes for your review. Each of our candidates is thoroughly screened and possesses the experience, character, and high level of conduct we require.

Once you decide which candidates you want to interview, we schedule those for you at convenient times. After the interviews are completed, you can choose to hire one of the candidates or have us provide you with further candidates.

When you find the candidate you want to hire, we assist with the hiring processes, contracts, and other such details. We can also provide a complete employment package and payroll assistance.

To find out more and hire a chauffeur, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today!