Is Hiring a Nanny Worth the Money?

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Is Hiring a Nanny Worth the Money?

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When you talk to other families that have hired a nanny, you often hear wonderful stories about how great their nannies are and how they have become an integral part of their household. As a parent, you may start wondering if you should hire a nanny. However, you might be concerned about the cost of a nanny.

Foremost, deciding to hire a nanny is a personal choice based on your specific needs and objectives. For example, one common misconception is that all nannies are live-in nannies and work full-time. However, this would be an inaccurate assumption. Nannies can be live-in or live-out. Additionally, they can work seasonally, part-time, or full-time.

Next, you need to determine what type of duties you want a nanny to perform while caring for your children. When deciding what job duties you want your nanny to perform, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want your children to have more individualized attention and care?
  • Do you want more freedom and flexibility to have quality adult time away from your children and not worry about their safety?
  • Do you travel for business and are away from home?
  • Are you worried your children are spending too much on electronic devices and not enough time getting fresh air and being stimulated in other ways?
  • Do you need assistance with your children’s laundry?
  • Does it seem like you are constantly picking up behind your children and keeping their rooms organized?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you should hire a nanny.

Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

Some of the numerous benefits gained when you hire a nanny include:

  • Your nanny will prepare snacks and meals for your children.
  • Your kids get to come home after school instead of going to daycare or outside childcare.
  • You get more free time for hobbies, socializing, and other activities you enjoy.
  • You get more quality time with your children.
  • You can rest assured your children are cared for and kept safe.
  • Your nanny can provide assistance with schoolwork and homework assignments.
  • Your nanny can provide transportation for your children for school, social activities, sporting events, etc.
  • Your children are exposed to fewer germs than they would be in daycare or outside childcare.

How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

With all the benefits you gain by hiring a nanny, it is only natural to wonder how much a nanny costs. There are several factors that determine the average cost to hire a nanny, such as:

  • Location – Where you live will influence your nanny’s wage.
  • Job Responsibilities – The more responsibilities you want your nanny to perform, the more you should expect to pay.
  • Job Qualifications – If you want a nanny with extensive experience, you will pay more compared to a nanny who is just starting her career in this industry.
  • The Type of Care Desired – The cost of a nanny varies based on the level of care you desire. For instance, nannies who care for toddlers and children with special needs tend to cost more than nannies who care for tweens and teens. 
  • The Number of Hours Worked – Full-time nannies will cost more than part-time nannies. There can also be slight differences in wages for live-in and live-out nannies.

Finding the Right Nanny for My Children and Me

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When you want to find a nanny that fits your specific needs and job requirements, the easiest way to do so is by using Staffing at Tiffanie’s. We help families find the perfect nanny that fits well with their personalities and beliefs, as well as your children’s.

We also help families find nannies that fit easily into their budgets while providing the level of care desired. For further information about hiring a nanny, please feel free to contact us at 866-484-5550 today!