Nanny Transition Tips When Hiring a New Nanny

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Nanny Transition Tips When Hiring a New Nanny

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Most families are hopeful the nanny they hire will remain with them until their children are fully grown. However, unforeseen circumstances could arise, resulting in needing to hire a new nanny from a nanny staffing service.

For example, your nanny could be older and might be planning on retiring. Or, if you have a younger nanny, she may decide she is ready to get married and start her own family. No matter the reason, it is crucial to make the transition as smooth as possible.

There can be many personal emotions while transitioning to a new nanny that you, your children, and your existing nanny can experience. We recommend using the following nanny transition tips to ease these feelings and make the transition less stressful for everyone.

#1. Discuss the transition with your children.

Your children will have become attached to their current nanny. If you do not take the time to explain to them that they will be getting a new nanny, and why, the transition can be very frustrating and difficult for them to accept. They could even act out negatively when the new nanny starts. So, letting them know ahead of time can help prepare them for the change.

#2. Have your new nanny start before your current nanny leaves.

Having an overlap between nannies can be beneficial for you, your children, and both nannies. It allows your current nanny to work with the new nanny to help her learn more about your children’s interests, household duties, and your expectations. Furthermore, your children will feel more at ease in getting to know their new nanny because there is familiarity with your current nanny still present. This transition time allows your children to become more comfortable with their new nanny.

#3. Clearly define your expectations and job responsibilities.

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Depending on how long your current nanny has been with your family, you may overlook certain things your nanny has become accustomed to doing for you or your children. So take the time to make out a list of all the job responsibilities your current nanny performs and what you expect from your new nanny.  When making out the list, sit down with your current nanny and have her go over her daily routines to ensure you do not forget anything.

#4. Take time out of your schedule to get to know your new nanny.

To develop a working relationship between you and your new nanny, you need to set aside some time to learn more about her, her family, her interests and hobbies, and how she was raised. Be open to sharing your own personal experiences with her, as well, to strengthen your work relationship bonds. After all, you want to be fully confident in her abilities to care for your children.

#5. Pay attention to any behavioral changes in your children.

Even with a child care transition overlap between your current and new nanny, your children can still experience behavioral changes. They could exhibit these as a form of regression, such as forgetting things they already know or acting out in negative ways.

It is essential that you address these changes to help your children work through their emotions and adjust to the change in nannies. For instance, having your children speak to a child psychologist could be beneficial for them. You could also spend a few hours several times a week with your children and new nanny for encouragement and to help them adjust.

How to Find a New Nanny When You Need One

Transitioning to a new nanny is not something most families anticipate, but there are times when it will occur for various reasons. However, if you need to replace your nanny, using these nanny transition tips can make the process much easier for everyone.

For help finding a new nanny, our nanny staffing service can match you with the perfect nanny to suit your family’s needs and requirements. To learn more about our nannies and to start the hiring process, please feel free to fill out our online form or contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today!