A Day in the Life of a Baby Nurse

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A Day in the Life of a Baby Nurse

Mother holding and feeding baby from milk bottle

Most new parents can find it challenging to adjust to having a newborn in the home. They have to take turns caring for the baby. Getting a decent night’s rest or time to simply take a breather can be impossible. New parents often feel run down, tired, and exhausted.

Fortunately, new parents can benefit from hiring a baby nurse (newborn care specialist) to assist with newborn care and adjust to life with a new baby in the home. This domestic staffing professional provides care and nurturing for the newborn to give parents a break and time to sleep.

What is a baby nurse?

A baby nurse should not be confused with a nurse working in a hospital. Rather, a newborn care specialist has training and education to provide care for newborn babies. They are not medical professionals. However, some medically licensed nurses do become newborn care specialists when they retire because they like being around newborn babies.

The primary role of a baby nurse is to provide relief for the new parents. They assist in helping the baby get used to a regular nighttime routine and sleep schedule. Typically, they will remain with the newborn all night long in the baby’s room and ensure their care while the parents sleep.

Some baby nurses work during the daytime. These specialists help the new mother out during the day with a range of tasks while caring for the newborn. For instance, they may do the infant’s laundry, take care of feedings, and put the baby down at nap times.

What does a baby nurse do during a typical day?

Newborn baby lying on hands of parents.

Couples expecting the arrival of their newborn often have questions about what a newborn care specialist does during a typical day. Some of the more common tasks and responsibilities a baby care specialist can perform includes:

Arrives in the evening to discuss with the parents the night ahead and any events that occurred during the day that might affect the nighttime plans.

Your newborn specialist arrives at your home in the evening before you head to bed. You should allow enough time to provide an overview of the events that occurred during the day. You should ask any questions you may have or those your baby specialist has.

You should also review the evening ahead and what your specialist has planned for that night. Afterward, you are free to do what you want for the rest of the evening, even if it is taking a hot shower and heading to bed.

Prepare bottles for the baby or ensure there are bottles with breast milk available.

Shortly before taking over from you, your baby care nurse will prepare bottles for the baby to last throughout the night. If you are using breast milk, they will make sure there is plenty available for feedings.

If breastfeeding, bring the baby to the mother throughout the night to nurse.

If you decide to breastfeed your newborn, your baby nurse will bring the baby to you throughout the night so they can nurse. Your only role during the night is to breastfeed the baby. Your newborn specialist will take care of burping the baby and putting them back to bed.

If bottle feeding, feed the baby and burp them.

If you are bottle feeding your baby, your newborn care specialist will manage all the feedings throughout the night, so you can rest and enjoy the much-needed time off.

Change the baby’s diapers.

Your baby care specialist will take care of changing dirty diapers. They will also change your baby’s clothes when necessary. 

Keep the baby soothed throughout the night.

The newborn nurse will rock your baby to sleep and be nearby should they awaken. Their objective is to keep your baby soothed throughout the night while getting them used to a regular nighttime sleeping schedule and routine.

Set up the nursery for the following day.

Throughout the night, your baby nurse will make sure the nursery is set up and ready for you in the morning. This task can include picking up wipes and cotton balls, collecting and doing laundry, organizing the nursery, setting out what clothes you want the baby to wear, etc.

Give the newborn a bath.

Some parents enjoy getting a break from bathtimes, so they will have their newborn specialist give the baby a bath in the evening shortly after they take over for the parents. Other parents prefer to have their baby specialist give their baby a bath first thing in the morning before the parents resume care for their baby.

Keep a log of any important events to report to the parents in the morning.

Your newborn care specialist will keep a record of any important information and events they need to share with you in the morning. For example, your baby has started sitting up on their own, or they are running a low-grade fever. Some parents also like their baby specialists to keep a record of feeding times, sleep patterns, and other such information.

Please remember, these tasks are an overview of different responsibilities a baby nurse can have. Every home will have their own requirements of what they would like their newborn specialist to do. For daytime baby care specialists, the job duties will also vary slightly.

What are the benefits of hiring a baby nurse?

The primary benefit of hiring a baby nurse is providing support for the parents so they can have a break to get some rest, relax, and unwind. Parents can rest easier knowing their baby is well-cared for, fed, and given the attention they need.

Parents can also plan date nights or other activities away from home and not worry about their newborn. However, parents should ensure they discuss this with their newborn specialist and provide them with the appropriate list of emergency contacts before leaving home.

Not to mention, a baby care specialist can help keep the nursery organized, assist with the baby’s laundry, and perform other such tasks for the parents.

Who can benefit the most from a newborn care specialist?

Young mother and father with newborn

Parents who want extra help caring for their newborns benefit the most from a baby nurse. A newborn specialist is a great choice for parents that want to maintain their normal nighttime routines and sleep schedules. Some parents will also hire both daytime and nighttime newborn care specialists when they are ready to return to work.

Additionally, hiring a baby care specialist is perfect for parents when they have attempted to manage the care of their newborn on their own but are finding they are exhausted and worn out. The parents will appreciate being able to get a break from all the responsibilities of caring for their baby.

For help finding a newborn care specialist for your household, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today! We carefully screen all our baby nurses, perform background checks, and ensure they will be the right fit for you and your baby. 

Our hiring process is simple and easy whether you want to hire a newborn specialist before you give birth or afterward. We listen to your unique needs to find the perfect baby specialist. We provide you with candidates that best match your needs and arrange interviews. After conducting interviews, you choose the baby specialist you want to hire.