Vacation Easier by Hiring a Travel Nanny

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Vacation Easier by Hiring a Travel Nanny

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With summer almost here, now is the time to start looking forward to your summer vacation plans. Whether you are traveling to your summer vacation home in the Hamptons, planning on exploring the Caribbean on your yacht, going on a cruise, or enjoying other travel closer to home, your summer family vacations with kids can be more enjoyable when you hire a travel nanny.

What Is a Travel Nanny?

A travel nanny is a professional who provides childcare services for families going on vacation. The nanny is hired specifically to travel with the family. The length and duration of vacations can vary from one week to the entire summer.

A travel nanny does not usually work for one family unless the family hires them for the entire summer season. Rather, they can work for multiple families going on summer vacations throughout the summer season. Many travel nannies are college-aged students who want to earn some extra money during their summer break from university.

Travel nannies can take the role of your regular, full-time nanny when traveling on vacation since travel nannies have different skill sets from regular nannies, such as:

  • They are patient and able to adjust to schedule changes quickly and easily.
  • They enjoy traveling.
  • They do not mind the long car rides, plane rides, or being away at sea on a yacht for months on end.
  • They have a highly enthusiastic, perky, and energetic personality.
  • They enjoy planning activities and outings so children will have fun on their summer vacation like riding roller coasters with the kids at a theme park.
  • They are flexible and can adjust to changes in the parents’ schedules.

What Are the Job Duties of a Travel Nanny?

A travel nanny job description can take care of a wide range of job duties. The duties will vary based on the needs of the family and the ages of the children. Some of the more common tasks travel nannies perform include: 

  • Light Housekeeping – Travel nannies will take care of your children’s laundry, cleaning up after them, preparing their meals, and other light housekeeping duties, as needed.
  • Running Errands – From taking your children on outings and playdates to picking up groceries, your travel nanny can take care of most errands.
  • Caring for the Children – The primary job responsibility of travel nannies is to care for your children. They can keep them busy and occupied during the day, feed them at meal and snack times, put them to bed, and keep them entertained.

Who Can Benefit from Hiring a Travel Nanny?

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Parents benefit the most from hiring a nanny for traveling with their family. While you might enjoy doing things with your children during the day, you may want to enjoy the nightlife or have time alone and not have to worry about your children.

Your travel nanny provides the extra adult supervision your children need to allow you to enjoy adult-only time. Your vacation nanny can also ensure they get up with the children and feed them breakfast while you sleep in.

Your children also benefit. They do not have to worry about getting bored while you visit art galleries or museums or participate in other activities they do not enjoy. Your nanny will ensure your children have plenty of fun and exciting things to do.

Additionally, your regular nanny benefits when you hire a travel nanny. They can enjoy the time off, take their own vacation, and enjoy the break from the children.

Travel with your kids for summer vacations can be much easier when you hire a travel nanny or travel manny. For help finding the best travel nanny or travel manny to suit your family’s needs, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today!

If you enjoy having a travel nanny this summer, we can help you find a regular nanny if you do not already have one.