How to Hire the Perfect Hamptons Summer Nanny

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How to Hire the Perfect Hamptons Summer Nanny

Nanny and little children reading book in tent at home

Hiring a summer nanny in the Hamptons is a great way to keep your children’s day full of activities and events. Having a nanny frees you up so you can enjoy relaxing with your friends, spending the day out boating, or doing whatever it is that you enjoy.

Finding the perfect summer nanny requires some planning and preparation using these great tips.

#1: Start your search early.

Many summertime nannies are college students who like earning some extra money over their summer break. They often have educational backgrounds in childhood education, childhood psychology, pre-medicine, and other such fields.

If you wait until you arrive in the Hamptons, finding a nanny for the summer will be difficult. You will have less of a selection of candidates to choose from for your summer child care needs. Ideally, you want to start your search at least a month before the school year ends. 

#2: Make a clear list of requirements and duties.

Whether you are using a service or posting an ad for hiring a summer nanny, you need to make sure you have a clear list of the job requirements and duties, such as:

  • Desired certifications like first-aid training or swimming certification.
  • Any special needs your children may have.
  • Desired languages your nanny is fluent in.
  • Whether you want a live-in or live-out nanny.
  • The required working days and working hours.
  • If you expect your nanny to travel with you on family outings.
  • Expected job duties like driving the kids to and from summer camps, social gatherings, etc.
  • Desired educational level if applicable.
  • Desired previous job experience, such as babysitting, summer camp, or summer part-time or full-time nanny.
  • Other job requirements, such as preparing meals for the children, light housekeeping, laundry, etc.

#3: Make a list of any special skills you want your summer nanny to have.

You need to make sure your nanny fits the needs of your children and the activities they enjoy doing during the long summer days. So, if they like spending time on the beach and in the ocean, you want a nanny that likes the beach and swimming.

If your children are just learning how to swim, having a nanny that is certified to teach swimming lessons could be a special skill you want. Additionally, if your children enjoy going to museums, the zoo, or playing sports in the park, you want a nanny who likes doing these things.

#4: Start screening candidates.

woman leader speaker applicant talking at meeting

If you want the best selection of summer nannies to choose from, it is highly recommended that you use an agency for hiring a nanny for the Hamptons. The agency will have already done most of the administrative work like background checks, reference checks, previous job experience checks, and so on.

Another benefit of using an agency is you can describe to them the ideal nanny you desire with the required job skills and special skills. They will use this information to match it to qualified candidates that fit your needs.

They will provide you with resumes, cover letters, and references for your review once they have matched you with potential candidates. You just need to review these and select which nannies you want to interview.

#5: Schedule interviews.

Finding the right short-term nanny for the summer in the Hamptons is just as important as finding a year-round full-time nanny. You want to get to know the candidates better to help you decide which one will be best for your children.

Make sure you have prepared a list of interview questions. Avoid questions that can be answered yes or no. Instead, focus on open-ended questions like “What do you like most about being a summer nanny?” Your agency may also be able to provide you with a list of interview questions if you are not sure what to ask.

Your children should be present for part of the interview so you can see how they interact with the nanny. If your children are older, you may want to allow them to ask questions too. 

By using these tips and starting your search early, you are sure to find the best summer nanny for your children. For help hiring a summer nanny in the Hamptons, please feel free to contact Staffing at Tiffanie’s at 866-484-5550 today!